10 Best Content Marketing Articles to Kick Off 2016

Our focus for the month of January has been helping you get your arms around interactive content marketing—helping you cross the chasm to get into the mindset of content being about the experience your visitors have with it, not just the words on the page. We’ve given you the resources you need to start building an interactive content strategy, from different ways to transform static content and how to improve the visitor’s experience to how to generate leads with interactive content and the most exciting types of interactive content we’ve seen.

Now we want to give you some inspiration to take your interactive content strategy and execution to the next level. Take a look at our top 10 favorite articles to start off 2016 on the right foot—inspired and ready to roll up your sleeves:


1.   This great one from NewsCred on how to be a better storyteller, thanks to Kevin Spacey (and a special bonus if you’re a House of Cards fan).

3 Crucial Principles Of Storytelling You Can Learn From Kevin Spacey + House Of Cards

Stay true to your brand and audiences will respond to that authenticity with enthusiasm and passion.

— Chase Neiken, Newscred Blog

2.   And we’re lucky enough to have this author that’s featured on the SEMRush blog right here at ion as our cofounder.

4 Measurement Mistakes that Could Sabotage your Content Marketing

Instead of searching measurements for proof of success, which leads to blindly churning out still more content, improve upon existing content to get maximum mileage for your marketing budget.

— Anna Talerico, SEMRush Blog

3.   Visual content is TOTALLY the thing for content marketing.

Visual Content Strategy: The New ‘Black’ for Content Marketers

My point is simple: Visual content matters. It matters enough for me to insist that every marketer must be actively engaged in using visual content. Neglect it, and your content marketing is at risk of being ignored.

— Neil Patel, Content Marketing Institute Blog

4.   We know very well that there’s a serious content flood. So what do you need to do to make even your best interactive content stand out?

Today’s Forecast? More Content

In fact, consumers’ enthusiasm for content is a great opportunity for content publishers to extend their brand and their audience, in ways that simultaneously are more personalized and reach a global scale.

— John Dokes, AccuWeather

5.   And as our inboxes flood more and more, there’s a need for the rebirth of email marketing to stand out among the dull subject lines.

Why the Rebirth of Email Is Coming in 2016

It has always been the workhorse behind eCommerce, but now email marketing has become a driving force behind content during the meteoric rise of content marketing.

— Chad White, Convince&Convert Blog

6.   If you’re going to be a thief, be the best kind of thief. The kind that steals amazing content marketing ideas from CMW speakers.

7 Stolen Content Marketing Ideas You Can Use Today

Honestly, if you are ever stuck on how to be different than your competitors, try tilting your content.

— Michele Linn, Content Marketing Institute Blog

7.   Snap out of it!! Content marketing is a strategy to focus on but be aware that you must think beyond the content.

Content Shock: Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy

Of course content marketing is far from over. How and when the “shock” occurs will vary greatly by business, by industry, by content saturation in a niche, by a lot of other factors. For some the crunch might be years away, for some it is happening now.

— Mark W. Schaefer, Shaefer Marketing Solutions

8.   Shhh. We’re not telling you to steal. Ok maybe we are. But remember, if you’re going to be a thief… well… refer back to #6.

6 Content Ideas Every Marketer Should Steal From IBM

Your content is your sales opportunity.

— Andrea Ames, IBM

9.   And like we’ve said before, measurement is key for interactive content marketing. With all the insights you are able to gain from interactive content, it’s time to focus on measuring its performance.

How To Begin Measuring Content Marketing Performance

If you can start with one goal that has demonstrable value, lines up with your corporate strategy, and shows user intent, then you’ll already be way beyond where most industries are today.

— Liam Moroney, Newscred Blog

10.   And last but not least, the FAQs of marketers just like you.

Top 3 Questions I Hear In Every Content Marketing Class

Locate your clichés and zap them.

— Brian O’Connor, Newscred Blog


What are some of your favorite articles that have got you excited for your 2016 content marketing strategy? Let us know!



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