10 Marketing Technology Companies to Follow on Instagram

Everyone knows that a solid Instagram account can make you Insta-famous.

What started as a social network for tweens to share their duckface mirror selfies has made its way into the social strategies of major B2C and B2B brands across the globe.

According to Sprout Social, Instagram posts “generated a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21 percent. That means the app delivered brands 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.

As Beverley Reinemann said over on the distilled blog, “This visually-lead social channel might have its roots in B2C marketing but, with over 300 million subscribers, can your B2B brand afford not to be on Instagram?

There’s no denying it. Instagram is a GREAT conduit for content and it’s all kinds of awesome. We rounded up our marketing technology companies that are currently rocking Instagram and curated a nifty little list (we kind of like to do that if you haven’t noticed). Check out these 10 Instagram rockstars.

1)   Hubspot

With more than 10K followers, they’re doing something right in terms of engaging their audiences!

2)   Newscred

Offers a great mix of company stuff and employees in action. People love to see people.

3)   Pardot

Pardot shows employees all the time, but not just working! Engaging in community activities, posing with pets and a lot more!

4)   Kapost

This account shows their conference activity. We see their teams hitting the event circuit and hitting it hard!

5)   Salesforce

With more than 6K followers, we get a peek into the company, its employees and even some more “artsy” looking shots you’d expect from a personal account.

6)   Cision

Balanced with event photos, awards won and even some great media hits, Cision does a great job offering a little bit of everything on their account.

7)   Marketo

Chock-full of quotes, event and employee photos, and purple. Lots and lots of purple!

8)   Contently

This account posts a big mix of yummy confections, celebrations and canines. We LOVE those three C’s almost as much as we love content.

9)   Radius

Offers a great balance of work and play – showing both sides of their team.

10)  Percolate

Peppered in with the logo-ed stuff and business-y posts, you see employees in action….literally… boxing, yoga, you name it!

And if you want a little peek behind the orange curtain, you can check us out at ioninteractive!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on brands tapping into Instagram, and if you’ve seen some stellar examples yourself, please dish! We’d love to check them out!

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