10 Not-So-Scary Tricks & Treats to Amp Up Your Content Marketing


We know! Boring, static content that falls flat terrifies us too. Generating content like a factory is so 2013. And scarier than Kanye West’s love for Kanye West.

In order to makeover your content from Frankenstein’s monster into a look as breathtaking and engaging as Beyonce, we have ten not-so-scary tricks and treats to amp up your content marketing experiences:

  1. Focus on buyer education. Stop rattling off what your brand has. Start showing what your brand can do for the buyer. Educational experiences are what these ghouls and goblins are looking for.

  2. Give ‘em what they want. No one likes to trick or treat at a house that isn’t prepared with the right type of candy for the right audience. Almond Joys, people? Don’t get me wrong. I love them. But ask every 5 to 10 year old and they’ll ask, “Where’s the king size Milky Way bar?!” Use engagement metrics to determine what exactly your audience wants and cater to their demands. Give people the content that THEY want!

  3. Get creative and visual. Remember when you were a kid and there was always that one house that decorated so well, you felt like you were actually in a horror flick?! That was always the house with the best candy and the longest line of kids to the door. So be that house. Get creative and visual with your digital experience. And give your audience the best content marketing candy they’re ever tasted!

  4. Share the fun! You want your brand’s message out there, don’t you? Well then make your content marketing shareable. Make it so suspenseful that your audience can’t wait for others to see it. No one wants to share some 5-page long rant about how your brand came to be (Don’t get it wrong. I’m sure it’s a thrilling, action-filled suspense story. But first time buyers? That may not be what they’re looking for the first time around)… Which brings me to…

  5. Tell a “horror” story and be the resolution. What your audience will be interested in is a story about them! So tell their horror story and make a connection. Focus on their pain points and show that you know what they’re going through, as scary and haunting as it may be. Then be the resolution. Be the holy water that wards away the evil spirits. Show your audience how you can help them overcome their challenges.

  6. Utilize any chance of user-generated content. While your audience loves hearing stories that are indirectly about them, they equally love the opportunity to tell you their own story. From polls to surveys, you can get your audience speaking and providing insight into what they want to see more of from your brand. And that is just more dry ice to add to your smoking cauldron.

  7. Repurpose your content. Who said an old Little Red Riding Hood costume couldn’t be repurposed into a Beer Maid costume with some minor changes? You have that white paper lying there, so do something with it! Make it an interactive assessment. Or maybe a quiz. Or maybe even a Halloween-themed online contest. Any way you do it, just be creative.

  8. Think imagery first. As humans, our eyes are drawn to certain things. Words, unfortunately most of the time, are not one of them. But colors, animations, design… those all are. Just like the house I talked about earlier that all the kids waited in line to get candy from—their first impression was from the imagery that house had created. So be eye-catching. But just as importantly, provide useful, quality information that the images sparked curiosity about in the first place.

  9. Create Engagement. Scavenger hunts were always such an exciting part of Halloween for me as a child. The entire neighborhood would decorate and all the children would participate in a scavenger hunt at night. It got the kids engaging with each other and not a single child wasn’t thrilled to be a part of it. We all get just as excited as adults to be a part of something. So get your audience engaging. Don’t wait for them to come to you. You’ll never know how thrilled they’ll actually be once they see what you have to offer!

  10. Pump up the interactivity! And to end on my favorite thing of this terrifically terrifying holiday—haunted houses. Some of you may think I’m crazy, but to walk through a haunted house not knowing when I might jump or be scared or fall over from fear gets my blood pumping and my excitement at an all time high. It’s exciting to experience something engaging and innovative at every turn. Being in a Walking Dead-themed haunted house and interacting with all the characters and zombies?! That’s just how haunted houses keep visitors coming back for more year after year. It’s the interactivity. Hands down! So be the haunted house everyone waits hours in line for in order to interact with. But this time… let’s try to not be as scary.

This Halloween, transform from Frankenstein’s scary boring monster into your best content marketing costume yet!

Happy Halloween, you ghouls and goblins!

Oh, you’re here trick-or-treating? Great! We’re sure your content marketing costume is going to be a hit! We may not have any candy bars but what we do have is some incredible and inspiring interactive content for you! Check it out for yourself! We promise it’ll make up for the lack of Milky Ways and Twix.

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