10 Things to Help You Generate More Leads From Your Content Marketing

According to data from CMI, MarketingProfs and Brightcove, “Brand awareness, customer acquisition, and lead generation remain the top B2B content marketing goals.”

Make no mistake that content marketing and lead gen are the magic lead gen combination. Great content builds awareness, demand and inbound interest. If generating leads from your content marketing is at the top of your list, we’ve rounded up a few pointers to help you hit your goals with lots and lots of qualified leads:

1) Know your people and what they want

Your audience wants something they can relate to that makes them want to get to know your brand on a deeper level. But you have a responsibility here too! You need to identify your audience along with their pain points and solutions. You can’t target them with content if you don’t know who they are and what they need!


2) There’s not just ONE way

Content is intensely personal, as it should be. There’s no cookie cutter solution and that extends to content’s role in your lead gen. The world is literally your oyster – webinars, white papers, industry events, social – the list goes on and on.

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3) The stats say it works

A recent CMI article said, “Content marketing is leading the pack both in lead generation and in turning those leads into customers.” But it’s not just a fluffy statement! “Per dollar spent, content marketing generates more than three times the number of leads than paid search does.

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4) Consistency is key

Consistency (which Michael Brenner points to as a must) breeds familiarity which breeds comfort which breeds loyalty. If customers know what to expect and your content keeps delivering on that expectation, they will keep coming back and turn into viable leads.

This was just one of the many tips on content and lead gen offered up in a fantastic round up from Heidi Cohen.

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5) Make sure you are adding value

Adding a “contact us” button is not lead gen. You have to make sure there is value for your audience – woven into your content, in what you are offering once they do contact you, and throughout their experience with your content.


6) Solve a problem

“About 75% of leads are researching solutions to a specific need or problem.” So help them out! They’re craving solutions and if you can provide them, you’re totally in the game!


7) Teach them something

There’s a time and place for every type of content and you need to make sure you are on top of your game with your leads. Instead of hardcore promo, you might find that educating them is what will reel them in. Save the promo stuff for later!

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8) Be a social butterfly

Everyone is on social media. Admit it, your grandmother has a Twitter account. While social should not be your sole focus, it also should not be ignored. “Social media is the world’s water cooler. Everyone is there. Everyone is talking. There are leads for the taking.” Get strategic with your social instead of using it haphazardly.


9) Don’t forget the data

Neil Patel says, “Data-driven content will help you generate the most qualified leads.” So do your research when you create content! What’s resonating with your audience? What are they currently reading? Where are they hanging out online? What are industry publications covering? What headlines are pulling the most traffic?


10) You are not alone

According to a recent MarketingProfs article, 71 percent of B2B Marketers are using content marketing to generate leads. Because it works, guys!


11) Bonus tip — Get inspiration from others.

ion customers seriously rock at hitting their lead gen targets by using awesome interactive content experiences:

Content marketing has serious legs when it comes to lead gen. If you do your homework as a marketer, you can create killer content that drums up leads and fills your funnel. And if you don’t, someone else will, because content marketing is becoming a mainstay in lead gen strategies for companies across the globe.

LeadsCon closed a recent article with just as powerful a statement when they said, “Nowadays content marketing isn’t an option – it’s a lynchpin that transforms lead generating campaigns into resounding successes.”

We’d love to hear what tactics you are using when it comes to content marketing and lead gen. What advice would you give others who are trying to foster a better connection between the two? 

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