11 Infographics About Infographics

People who create infographics do their work partly because they believe infographics are a great way to communicate information. Since the people in this field also need to communicate information about their work, it was inevitable that infographics about infographics would eventually be created. Here are 11 of these meta infographics.


1. Infographics are still new to many people, and what better way to explain what they are to someone than with a Euler diagram? Information, Illustration, and Design does just that.


Information, Illustration & Design
2. Infographics often contain data visualizations, and this diagram shows just what a data visualization is.
What is Data Visualization?

3. Now that we know what they are, we need to know what makes an infographic good.
What Makes a Good Infographic?

4. And it would also be useful to know the steps to making one.
An Infographic About Infographics

5. For a slightly more humorous take on creation, there’s also SEOmoz’s guide.
How to create an infographic

6. The state of infographics shows where they fit into current online culture, and what they are good for.
The State of Infographics

7. And the infographic of infographics covers an analysis of 49 infographics.
Infographic of Infographics

8. But why would you need an infographic? Never fear, there’s an infographic to answer that too!
Infographic About Infographics

9. An anecdotal approach is not typical for good infographics, but the Most Popular Infographics is done in jest, so we’ll let it slide.
Most Popular Infographics

10. And in case you needed a graphic to test your abilities at using infographics, Are You Good at Following Flow Charts? is perfect for you.
Are You Good at Following Flowcharts?

11. We’ll leave you with this fun Venn diagram that not only refers to venn diagrams, but also refers to the media it was created in.

Now that you’ve mastered infographics, it’s time to take the rest of your visual content to the next level. Check out our Visual Content Playbook for in-depth research, buzzworthy examples, and interviews with social media experts at LinkedIn, Whole Foods andBuffer.

Drew Skau is Visualization Architect at Visual.ly and a PhD Computer Science Visualization student at UNCC with an undergraduate degree in Architecture. You can follow him on twitter @SeeingStructure

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