14 Reasons to Make Interactive Content Marketing Your Valentine

Dear Interactive Content,

I’m so lucky to have built this relationship with you. You joining my content marketing has been life changing and I can’t imagine it without you now. You’re everything I have ever needed and more and I just want to shout my love for you from the top of a mountain. And I’m not the only one. You are deeply loved by everyone that knows you and we all think the same thing: You’re just awesome. So here are 14 reasons why I fell head over heels for you…


  1. You give an amazing, attention-grabbing first impression to everyone that meets you. Most people can’t take their eyes off of you and just want to know more about you.

  2. You allow everyone to get to know you on a deeper level. You engage with everyone and truly understand what they are looking for and what they want to see.

  3. You’re a good listener and know how to tell me exactly what others are interested in. You let me know if they want to introduce you to their friends on social networks, or even how much of your content they actually wanted to get to know. You give a marketer the insights she needs!

  4. And even more so, you’re a great match maker. You manage to always set up salespeople with the perfect buyer by listening to what each person you meet wants and needs. Before the salesperson meets them, you give them the best first date tips in order to really win their buyer over.

  5. You’re so adaptable. You’re happy with having one headline one day, but easily changing the headline or images or whatever I want the next day to see what really resonates with each person that comes in contact with you.

  6. And you’re totally transparent. I have no problem measuring how well you and your visitors are getting along and how well they like you. There’s no vagueness here! I can dig right in to what I really need from you: detailed data.

  7. You have so many wanted traits, as well. You love to quiz me on my knowledge, then show me how I can really assess how I’m doing compared to my peers. You love to be competitive with a contest, but offer me so much knowledge and education too.

  8. And with all this, you just want my content marketing to improve. You’re supportive and really want to see my results soar!

  9. Everyone that meets you gets exactly what they want. No small talk. You get them right to the point they’re searching for.

  10. No matter how goofy and fun you can be, when it comes down to it, you’re all about helping people learn more. You really open their eyes to what is being offered to them.

  11. Not only do you educate, but you allow visitors to be independent, giving each person value and the ability to discover information on their own terms.

  12. I don’t know how you do it but you always remember everyone’s name and preferences. And if you meet them again, you welcome them in the most personalized way.

  13. You’re so different from all the static content out there. You stand out in a way that is incomparable and really draws visitors to you.

  14. And best of all, the friends you make, you keep. Each visitor always comes back to see what else you have to offer, creating such an incredible loyalty to the brand you support.


So this February, Interactive Content, I just wanted to ask: Will you be my content marketing Valentine?


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