20 Great Motion Graphics of 2012

The story of 2012 wasn’t just told in static infographics. There were also a lot of motion graphics created this year, and here are 20 of the best.

    1. Measuring the Universe is a daunting task, but the steps of the process can be simply in video form.


    1. Part of measuring the universe involves measuring things on other planets. Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror covers the landing phase of the rover, and the most terrifying part of its mission.

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    1. And for a quick summary of the same information, check out Mars in a Minute


    1. Landing on mars is certainly a feat of engineering. So is the Evolution of the F1 Car.

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    1. We can’t all drive F1 cars though. Some of us have to take other transit methods. The New York City MTA has a huge job even in just One Day of Activity.

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    1. If you’re biking a Pizza Delivery in NYC (by 422 South), you’re grateful for the MTA keeping some cars off the road.


    1. Fast Food is important but controversial in American culture, and sloncek explains it all.


    1. Coke is a part of that fast food culture, and jotreyes has done a great job of explaining the Economy of Coca Cola (work that got him nominated for an Emmy!).

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    1. Another stronghold of American culture is Bruce Springsteen. Here are 40 years of his tours on a map.


    1. Maybe you dressed up as Springsteen for Halloween? In this video, Lemonly goes over some of the most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2012.


    1. Pinterest rocked the internet this year, with a huge growth of users. Many of whom probably pinned their Halloween costumes before dressing up. This animated video, by MDGadvertising, goes over the demographics and benefits that Pinterest provides.


    1. Europe has been in the clutches of an impending financial crisis, but you’d never know it looking at these Financial Footprints in Spain.

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    1. Still, The Euro is in the Crosshairs, and jotreyes has done a great job of animating the issues.

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    1. The US Presidential election this year had tons of data that came with it. The Amazing Morphing Campaign Money Map has an interesting way of showing some of the spending of the candidates.

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    1. It was a long time ago, but the sinking of the Titanic was such a huge event that we are still fascinated by it today.


    1. It’s possible that global warming released the iceberg that sank the Titanic, but we might never know. What is certain is that the average global temperature is rising as NASA’s Animation of Temperature Data from 1880-2011 shows.


    1. Increased temperatures mean more energy in the atmosphere, and that can mean more violent weather. Johnmnelson put together this animation of Tornado Tracks from 1950 to 2011.


    1. The storms that produce tornados also dump tons of water on a location. This water has to be dealt with somehow, and Toronto seems to have come up with a Stormwater Solution, presented by pellmell.

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    1. Ideally, much of that stormwater ends up as groundwater. RoxanaTorre‘s Groundwater in Movement gives us a great look at where that water is.


  1. Regardless of what happens with the climate, the Sun will continue to be the driver of our weather systems, and source of our energy. Knowing what weather on the sun is like is critically important.

Drew Skau is Visualization Architect at Visual.ly and a PhD Computer Science Visualization student at UNCC with an undergraduate degree in Architecture. You can follow him on twitter @SeeingStructure

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