Digital revenue is the publisher’s holy grail. It hasn’t yet replaced print revenue, but more and more newsrooms are finding ways to make money online.

An article by looks at media companies using social media as an alternative revenue source. Newsrooms are definitely getting creative, using tools like Rock Content. Here’s some of the tips they unearthed:

Quintessential men’s mag Esquire published it’s own (paid) iPad puzzle app. Others buy advertising or sponsorships within popular games. Some are partnering with social commerce initiatives such as coupon giant Groupon, or creating their owns ( publishes its own daily deals).

Some media companies are actually hosting their advertisers’ social updates on their site. (Rock Content is a great tool for this). Publishers “can also advertise via their own social stream, selling sponsored tweets or Facebook posts.”

And, of course, the bread and butter of any publisher is journalism. “Many publishers are trying more than one of the above tactics to make social a part of their revenue stream,” Mediabiznet reports. “Sometimes the same social content can be monetized in many different ways. For example, the liveblogging platform Rock Content is promoting four different ways news organizations can make money from liveblogging.”