Syndication with Rock Content is a powerful tool.

It lets you amplify the audience that sees your live event with a minimum of effort. It gives you the potential to put your work and your site’s brand in front of thousands of people you might never otherwise reach. It lets you broadcast to people who have never visited your site and provides ample opportunity to prove to them why you are a must-visit destination.

It can bring you more views, more awareness and more fans.

However, like any tool, you need to know how to use it. That’s where I come in. I want to help you improve the syndication chances for content you place in the Rock Content Market. To that end, I’ve compiled 5 tips to improve your chances of success in our marketplace:

Tip 1: The right kind of event for the Scribble market

That’s easy: Anything live that makes you excited or proud.

The hard work you do should be seen by as many people as possible and the Market helps facilitate that. If you have an item you’re uncertain about, please reach out (see contact info below). Learning what works best will be an iterative and ongoing process.

Tip 2: Brand your syndicated events

You can use the top HTML function on the syndication tab to brand your live event. It can be as simple as a logo, or it could be a video or a livestream or a poll, et cetera. It can be clickable, it always stays at the top of the event and, in theory, anything is possible — it just needs to be written.

You can also use the stick function to pin other important items at the top of your chat.

It can be tempting to use the top HTML and/or stick function to place an ad at the top of a syndicated event. However, that can depress syndication as the ad in your event can conflict with the ads on a site that might otherwise syndicate. However, there is a potential solution: inject ads into the posts themselves**. Done at the proper pace, this can allow you to feature ads without hurting your syndication chances.

Tip 3: ​Images matter 

Every event you syndicate should include an image.

High-res images connected to the event are ideal. But any image, so long as it’s relevant, is better than none. The default icon is going to hurt your cause, so even a logo is better than no image at all.

Tip 4: Write compelling event descriptions

At a quick glance, in about a paragraph, explain what the event is, why it matters, who’s participating (big names and experts), when and where it’s happening. In addition, if an event is an important/unusual/significant one, be sure to explain that as well in another paragraph.

Note: Be careful when setting the start and stop times for your events. These should coordinate with when your coverage will begin and when it will end.

Tip 5: Provide Rock Content with constant feedback.

Your input is essential to optimizing this process. Find something you don’t like or wish we had? Let me know. Something takes too long or could be easier? Let me know. My job is to help you get your content into the Market in a way that best ensures its chances for syndication.

**Injecting ads into an event is not an officially supported feature, but we have some sample code your developers can use to get you started. Short on dev resources? Contact your Account Exec and ask about our custom implementation packages.

About me: I joined Rock Content in the beginning of March 2014. During my time with Rock Content I was your main contact for all questions related to the Scribble MarketPrior to that, I spent four years as Director of Programming for I oversaw a team of editors that delivered tens of millions of visitors per month to content in virtually every category you can think of (seriously). You can reach me at or on Twitter @zorio76. I live and work in New York and am happy to meet in-person as well.

Editor’s Note: Stephen Zorio is no longer employed at Rock Content.