3 Ideas for Content Engagement

Oh content engagement…. it’s the biggest love-hate relationship for any marketer. One minute your content is hitting home and all the KPIs are rising. But there are times where it doesn’t hit home and you’re frantically searching for how to get traction on your content. Wtf content gods. 

To understand the background of content engagement and why it can be difficult, you might want to check out my previous post on defining content engagement, and Anna Talerico’s Medium post on “What Makes Content Engaging?…”

Back to the topic at hand, we’ve collected a few high level tips to help with your content engagement. These tips are the start to driving more engagement and you’ll definitely want to stay tuned to our blog for more tips throughout the month.  

  1. Define what engagement means to you. Simple as that, you need to know what you are going for when you start to think about improving engagement. Maybe consider your audience and what drives their interest. At ion, I am always looking at what our customers are doing and how they are engaging. For example, at ion the ‘engagement gold’ for us is content consumption—going through our content and actually ‘experiencing’ ion interactive. I want to compel my audience by the genuine beauty and value of what we create.  
  2. Now that we know what we need, we can focus on how we are going to get it. Basically, where are the people talking? For example, I used to own a landscaping business and when I would prospect for clients, the first place I would go to are Home Owners Association meetings—getting in front of my prime audience. Right now, I’m focused on social media and organic engagement, so I will live tweet at as many webinars as possible to get in front of my audience… while they are captivated and ‘in the moment’.
  3. I originally wrote this post with 10 ideas, but I sit at my desk on March 8th, 2016 listening to “AskGaryVee One Entrepreneurs Take on Leadership, Social Media, & Self Awareness” and I had a revelation. I’m captivated by Gary every single day on all the channels because he throws insane value at you. Enough value that you can’t stop listening, watching, and paying attention to what he’s doing. So idea #3 is add value, tons and tons of value and ask yourself “would this be valuable to my audience?” before hitting send. And be honest with yourself about that question.

If you have to take away one of these points and apply it you your content marketing, it would be to add value. Value is the key to connecting with your audience. If you hit the value they want, you can create an emotional connection that drives action. Gary did, I bought 3 of his new book, 2 of his old, and I religiously watch his videos on business, marketing, and life. #addvalue

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