30 Online Marketing Predictions from 2014 That Were Right on the Money!

Predictions are great. They are fun, introspective and conversation starters for sure…especially for marketers, since we all have an opinion about everything.  As the transition starts from the end of one year to the beginning of another, they roll in like employees to the conference room as soon as word gets out that there are free donuts left over from the morning sales meeting.

We even jumped on the bandwagon, so we are definitely not knocking it.  But as we cull our list of 2015 predictions worth highlighting, we’re feeling a little retrospective—you know, like when you find a mix tape filled with ballads from the likes of Air Supply and Chicago from a high school boyfriend (not ashamed).

So we are calling out 30 top 2014 Online Marketing Predictions that came to fruition!

  1. Marketers will be more accountable for ROI than ever before (Mashable)

  2. Interactive content marketing will increase (Smartinsights.com)

  3. Businesses will finally be able to define content marketing (Forbes)

  4. User experience will count – marketers need to blow their consumers away with well-thought-out experiences that are easy and enjoyable to use (Contently)

  5. Marketers will embrace automation (Marketing Tech Blog)

  6. 2014 will be for content what 2010 was for social – everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon, but not everyone is going to be doing it equally well (naturally) (Contently)

  7. Stories will sell (Express Writers)

  8. Content marketing will be bigger than ever (Forbes)

  9. Email testing will increase in sophistication (Smartinsights.com)

  10. Big data analytics will intersect with content marketing (on24)

  11. Image-centric content will rule. (Forbes)

  12. Connected devices will create an ecosystem of devices, also known as the Internet of Things (SumAll)

  13. People will devour scaled down, “snackable” content (CMO.com)

  14. Mobile will matter more than ever (Mediabistro.com)

  15. Wearable tech will catch on (CMO.com)

  16. Engagement through visual apps + content will be huge (Smartinsights.com)

  17. Video marketing will go B2B (on24)

  18. Brands will experiment with micro-video platforms, like Vine (Onlinevideo.net)

  19. Conversions will become a more important metric in measuring content marketing success (Web Content Blog)

  20. Social media automation will no longer be a dirty word (Jeff Bullas)

  21. Location-based marketing will matter (Express Writers)

  22. There will be a rise of the agile marketer (eWeek)

  23. Content marketing will be more closely tied to demand generation (Danny Brown)

  24. Visual storytelling will drive more traffic, shares and engagement (NBC Chicago)

  25. Influence marketing will be on the rise (Brandworkz)

  26. Cloud technology will equal empowered marketers (eWeek)

  27. 2014 is going to be the customer’s biggest year yet (Dianne Wilkins via Fast Company)

  28. Marketing technology will be on the rise (B2B Marketing Insider)

  29. CMOs will increase spending in digital marketing (iMedia Connection)

  30. Content marketing results will get tracked to sales (Heidi Cohen)

Oh! And be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog post highlighting top predictions for 2015. Let’s see how many of those will make the cut as being accurate glimpses into the future.

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