4 Quick Reasons Why Your Customers Will Love Interactive Content

It no secret anymore that customers want brand experiences that stand out and make them say “wow!” and, naturally, interactive content comes to mind. It’s a powerful way to showcase your brand’s voice, product, and thought leadership while not being boring. That said, there’s more to interactive content and why you should be doing this or planning on doing interactive content in the future. Marketers need to be concerned about the user and their experience. The rest will fall in place 😉

Here are 4 quick reasons why your audience will love interactive content:

1.     User Experience

Your audience appreciates a good user experience and a brand that cares about their experience. This can be as simple as being in the right place at the right time, but can extend to your web experiences and the format of how you’re presenting your content. That said, this point is best shown, not told 😉 Here is the same content just in a different format. Which would you convert on?

a.    Aberdeen Group Research Report

b.    Aberdeen Group Roadmap

2.     Personalization

In my opinion, our audience doesn’t realize that personalization exists in their web experiences, but it still makes all the difference! Let’s take a super simple example to understand, we’ve all walked into a hair salon or barbershop and personalization is the stylist knowing your name versus just being another person in the chair. It makes a difference and you feel a level of trust between the stylist and yourself. Interactive content helps you do this. Take a simple example like landing pages. It makes all the difference and helps with profiling and building trust virtually when you can autofill or acknowledge the visitor personally. Think of how many forms a marketer might fill out a day…

a.    Personalized

b.    Not personalized

3.     Engaging & Interactive

Yes, I just put together two points that basically sum up what I just said in the past two bullet points. It’s important to me that we notice engagement and interactivity both stem from a great experience and being able to speak to your audience. Continuing the feedback loop aka a community that supports your content.

4.     Effective

From both sides of the fence (marketing/audience), effectiveness can mean many, many different things.

a.    For the audience, effectiveness is measured in hassle—What does this mean? Was it easy to experience your brand? Did I have a hard time loading a page and was it easy to use? Even better, did I find the information I was looking for and was it valuable?

b.    To the other extreme, we have the marketer experience and measuring effectiveness in terms of hard numbers, results, and ROI. And the great news for both sides of the fence is that interactive content can help either scenario and will continue to help since it’s easier to measure and drill down to what matters for both audiences.

To sum things up, I’d like to take a note from Scott Brinker’s recently released book Hacking Marketing. “What ultimately matters is creating remarkable customer experiences.”

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