5 Can’t Miss Content Marketing Articles

Let’s face it, there’s tons of poor-quality content out there. To save your valuable time, we’ve decided to give you a hand. Each week, we select and summarize five must-read content marketing articles for easy skimming. Enjoy this week’s roundup!

1. Content marketing will be a $300 billion industry by 2019 [Marketing Mag]

  • 2015 will be the sixth consecutive year of double-digit growth in the content marketing industry
  • Key growth drivers: next-gen B2B content, software and consulting firms, consumer research-savvy B2C marketers
  • Many marketers leveraging and re-targeting content assets to increase appeal to Gen-X and millennials2. Accelerate Your Content Marketing Campaign With the Right Partner [Entrepreneur]
  • Forming partnerships is the fastest way to expand your efforts and exposure by building on the success of others
  • A common mistake brands make is focusing solely on prospective partners who have large social media followings
  • You must verify that they can execute a partnership, and actually contribute something to the partnership
  • Be sure to clarify who is going to develop the content idea, who will be responsible for handling research, etc.3. Only 55% of Marketers Using Insights from Social Data [Oracle]
  • Social data can provide brands insights to help enhance content marketing strategies and provide product feedback
  • Marketers can capture insights on how their audience is resonating with competitors4. How to Leverage Content Marketing for Lead Nurturing [Search Engine Journal]
  • Content is vital for the top of the funnel and is an excellent opportunity to generate brand awareness and cast a large net
  • Once you know the topics a user is interested in based on what they download, you can be more targeted on your follow up
  • If your top-level content is done effectively, you will hopefully have built a number of targeted email lists5. 7 Headline Elements You Need for Content Marketing Success [Huffington Post]
  • The shorter your headline is, the better
  • Numbers are catchy as people like a quantifiable number to back a claim, and it implies that the article is well-organized
  • Imply some sort of actual takeaway that readers will get from your article and you’ll see a higher click rate
  • Headlines that speak directly to readers often do better than their counterparts (you vs. they)

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