5 Can’t Miss Content Marketing Articles

Each week, we select and summarize five content marketing articles for easy skimming. Enjoy this week’s roundup!

1. How Millennials, Boomers, and Gen X-ers Respond to Content Marketing [Inc]

  • Baby Boomers are the largest consumers of content
  • 8 PM – midnight are the times when content is consumed the most
  • Blog articles are the most consumed type of media
  • White papers are the least consumed type of media2. Effective Copywriting, 10 Dos and Don’ts [Website Designs]
  • Know your audience so well that you can create audience personas and write directly to them
  • Everything that you write needs to have a clear call-to-action located in a place where people will see it
  • If your bulleted words, headlines, and sub-headlines are well planned, someone can get the point by scanning
  • No one cares about the features of your product except you. What they care about is what it does for them3. Six psychology principles that can help your content marketing [Econsultancy]
  • Reciprocity theory: Any content created for your audience should be insightful, beneficial, and free for them to read or use
  • Information gap theory: content marketing involves creating curiosity within your audience, triggering them to want more
  • Social proof: People are drawn to a product that they know others like and trust
  • Scarcity marketing theory: If you have an e-book, only make it free to download for a limited amount of time4. The Ten New Rules Of Visual Content Marketing [Jeff Bullas]
  • For content to be relevant, it has to be recent
  • The best way to do that is by time stamping your content or featuring topical events
  • Millennials are more likely to trust a complete stranger than a brand, hence the success of user-generated content
  • We process visual content faster than text-based content, but a caption also helps you communicate your message5. Ten reasons why Twitter is content marketing’s best friend [Businesses Grow]
  • For content to work for you it has to move and to do this you need an active and engaged audience
  • Twitter is the fastest way to build an audience of relevant followers for your content
  • Twitter users are a little more diverse in what they are willing to share beyond the network of family and friendsMissed last week’s round-up highlights? Don’t fret! You can catch them all here.

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