5 Can’t Miss Content Marketing Articles

Each week, we select and summarize five content marketing articles for easy skimming. Enjoy this week’s roundup!

1. How to Repurpose Your Content Again and Again [Convince and Convert]

  • Your audience is always expanding so don’t be afraid to reshare your most popular content
  • Use your old content as inspiration for new ideas and reconnect with your audience
  • Allow your audience to give feedback on your content and use the responses to create follow-ups that add more value
  • Refresh old content that is no longer relevant by updating with new information

2. How to Use Content to Clean Your Audience Data [Rock Content]

  • Marketers must measure the quality of their audience data to develop content plans
  • Inaccurate data will hinder marketers’ efforts to create quality, interactive content
  • The accuracy and relevancy of data inevitably fades over time, which can cause marketers to misuse their resources
  • Your audience needs incentive to provide fresh data so produce fresh content that encourages just that

3. Go Big or Go Home With These 10 Epic Content Ideas [The Dessauer Group]

  • Publish your own research to attract new readers and become a source for other blogs within your industry
  • Partner with an influencer to develop a close working relationship and also tap into that influencer’s network of followers
  • Compile your best blog posts into a book, self-publish and distribute
  • Add more value to the quality of your content by increasing the quantity

4. Persona Mapping Can Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy [Scoop It]

  • Becoming a trusted source is critical to increasing inbound leads and sales
  • Invest time towards understanding your audience; their challenges, their decisions, and their conversations
  • Apply the buyer’s journey to your unique audience profile and create content to direct people on the journey
  • Persona mapping requires commitment but will yield higher ROI

5. How & Why Good SEO Is All About Good Content [Site Pro News]

  • Great SEO depends on quality content in 2015, which satisfies the needs of human readers and search engines
  • SEO content that delivers results requires time, research, and an emphasis on adding value to audiences
  • Strategic, targeted content marketing and copywriting skills will organically improve SEO
  • Place your emphasis on creating authoritative content rather than ranking for specific search terms

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