5 Ways to Improve Your Lead Quality

Lead quality is imperative to both your marketing and sales success…obviously… I mean when we put it all together, if you put junk in you are very very likely to get junk out. What does that mean? Poor lead quality affects the entire organization, and if you have poor lead quality then you have an underperforming sales team and the result is far fewer closed deals.  

So how do we solve this problem?  

1.  Understand your audience

Seems intuitive, right? But how do you understand what sparks your audiences interest? Well, you can just ask them! Why not use quizzes and assessments to understand your audience’s interest and what content resonates? This type of interactive content is great at letting the user interact in a personal way, with relevant results tailored just for them. The added bonus is for your brand since the assessment or quiz can easily provide valuable insight into what the user is challenged with or what drives their interest. You can in turn use this information to improve your lead thru an amazing, targeted nurture campaign. Since you have a better understanding of the audience’s challenges, goals or pains, take the opportunity to just market better 😉   

2.  Sales Alignment

This is a BIG one for me and I think this is the cause of a lot of lead quality confusion and quality problems. We have to ask the question:  is your sales team having the right conversation with the right person? What I’ve noticed is marketing having one conversation while the sales team is having another. This happens all of the time especially during leadership changes or shifts in focus/product. To combat this and keep all teams on the same page we suggest working together to understand interest points in your content. Talk about your content, its origins, and target market, and what your current marketing/content is trying to accomplish. At ion our sales and marketing team leverage our sell-side feature to ensure we are having the right conversation in real time. Sales can dive straight into a visual guide of a prospect’s quiz or assessment results, with marketing conversation tips and pointers on what the responses mean. This helps the sales team use the best responses to consult a client. Sales coaching should be a marketing priority too 🙂  

3.  Use rich measurement

There are the basic measurement types like time on site and conversion rates. But what about the really specific data? One of the fascinating things about marketing in 2016 is the ability to measure everything your visitor interacts with digitally. So why not leverage specific click data to better understand what drives your audience? You can easily leverage click data to create a phenomenal lead nurture program that speaks to your audience and their specific interests. This will in turn increase your lead quality since sales will have a prospect that’s better prepared and informed about your brand. Taking this to the next level you should ask the question, are you leveraging your data to nurture and cultivate your prospect?  

4.  Targeted Content

Targeted content utilizes measurements like tag and behavioral data to optimize your future experiences and create targeted campaigns based on explicit interest from your audience. Instead of bucketing your leads and prospects we are more thoughtful about the experience they have in the buying journey. For example, you could leverage progressive profiling to target your leads. When a visitor enters your universe we know who they are and don’t ask the same questions or present the same content. Taking this to the next level you can also offer suggestions on content they might find valuable. Or just mention their name in a headline… a little can go a long way. 

5.  Test

Yeah that’s right, the age old direct marketing tactic. Always be testing! Test your campaigns and your audience to ensure your content resonates and hits home. Test positioning of questions on your quiz. Leverage measurement tools to create better iterations and of course in drive lead quality with interested and engaged leads, prospects, opportunities, and life-long customers.

In a nutshell there is a theme here with my suggestions and an underlying message. To improve lead quality, you have to play the long game since it takes time. You have to plan and consider the buyer experience not just the journey to be effective. Most of the suggestions I’ve highlighted utilize data in new ways to create awesome nurture campaigns for future iterations of your content.  

Remember, you can count quantity but you can count on quality.

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