9 Predictions We Hope Will Come True in 2015

We know, we know. You’ve read enough prediction articles already. We have too. It’s December and lists of what’s to come in the year ahead are just what marketing thought leaders do. So this time around, we vowed we would abstain from our own list of predictions. And we have. But along the way, we have stumbled upon a few gems that we really wanted to share.

These are a few 2015 predictions that we hope will come true!

1. Brands will opt for radical openness and transparency.

Tony Zambia notes, “For decades, B2B has had an invisible wall between themselves and buyers. B2B marketing will need to open up and become more transparent with their information and knowledge that buyers seek and remove gated barriers to information.”

2. Marketers will become growth engines for their businesses.

BOOM! We love this! “Now that content marketing has proven it can drive engagement and audience growth, marketers will need to prove how they are increasing revenue. In the new year, marketers will be able to grow their businesses through content, and prove it. They will need to tie value to their content marketing strategy, and prove that the relationships they’re building add revenue over time.”

3. Finally, marketing=content.

“2015 is the year content subsumes marketing and brands realize that content is the atomic particle of every aspect of marketing, and will staff and budget accordingly.”

4. The story will be everywhere.

The story is everywhere now, it’s not something we just see online, or in the lobby waiting for our next appointment, or on the road, or on a social network. The story is everywhere, yet as marketers we are designing the story for each individual channel. I think we’ll see this changing next year, where the story is continued and pieced together as a transmedia thread, giving us bite-sized pieces of information while entertaining us at the same time. It’s how we respond as humans.

5. Visual storytelling will go wild.

“…marketers will need to find a medium that will help their message to stand out from the crowd and that could be visual storytelling. Perfect for engaging and nurturing engaged consumer communities, visual storytelling will be employed to communicate the brand’s philosophy and aesthetics…visual stories crafted for marketing purposes will be able to spark the movement and inspire emotions, sending a clear message about the brand to its consumer communities and helping to define it against the surrounding surge of noise.”

6. Coding is in. Really in.

In the TopRank Blog, Jason Miller, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn says “Coding will become a necessity for digital marketers. As the modern marketer strives to understand how social, content, demand gen, PR, and SEO call all work successfully within a fully integrated marketing strategy, the next skill is to add coding to their resume/ LinkedIn profile. The ability to understand how front end web development and coding can affect, enhance, and optimize a content strategy will become a necessity for marketers instead of a nice to have.”

7. There will be no difference between marketing to acquire customers and to retain customers.

“For so long, we’ve been encouraged to approach how to find new customers and how to keep our existing ones with separate strategies. But in order for us to create authentic, impactful content, we need one approach, with one consistent voice.”

8. Sales+Marketing=Smarketing?

Also from on the TopRank Blog, David Meerman Scott gives us a predication we truly love with this gem, “Digital marketing will converge with digital selling in a meaningful way. Marketing (one to many) and sales (one to one) are beginning to use the same techniques of content creation and real-time engagement. The best organizations will not run marketing and sales as separate “departments” but will merge the two functions into one customer facing organization focused on revenue generation.”

9. The line between software vendors and service providers will blur.

On the Chiefmartec blog, Scott Brinker mentioned that he sees the software/service line blurring in the coming year. Since he’s not just Chiefmartec, but also our co-founder & president, we went straight to the horse’s mouth to get more on this one. Here’s what he shared with us: “The best software companies are helping their customers learn and leverage their tools — teaching them how to build a house, not just selling them a hammer and nails. The best agencies and service providers are harnessing technology to be more effective and efficient in a digital-first world. In both cases, what matters to marketers are the results.” We couldn’t agree more!


Which ones do you think will be accurate? Will your brand keep up with the new year? Are you ready for 2015? Make sure that, when these predictions come to fruition, you stand out among the rest. Take a look at our interactive guide to improving your brand engagement and start your new year off right with usefulness and interactivity for your audience.

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