A Day in the Life of a Director of Customer Success

Meet Audrey. Hardworking mother of one (three if you count her two Corgis), football lover, and our Director of Customer Success. Although Audrey appreciates her work/life balance with a nice glass of wine, a football game, and a family walk around her neighborhood, being the go-to for our customers and ensuring they are successful in our software is tough work! We asked Audrey to take us through a typical day for her here at ion.

Good morning, Audrey! Alright, walking into the office, what is the first thing you do?

“First thing I do? Grab my to-do list, skim emails to ensure nothing came up in my inbox during my commute that trumps what’s there, and get going! I almost always have a couple emails to send right away.”

So, coffee or tea?

“Tea is too wimpy for daytime.”

Don’t blame you for that one! Busy day ahead! Your team participates in stand-ups. Why is this so important to do on a daily basis?

“We use stand ups differently than is typically used in agile marketing. For us, the stand up is a time to come together each day and make sure we pick our heads up to scan the horizon. It’s not a status, rather it’s a time to ensure we have a moment to ‘think big.’ It’s a great opportunity for us to pull away from the rapid fire emails, calls and meetings of our usual day. We use our stand up to look at trends, or to spotlight a couple of customers to strategize how we can help them be more successful.”

Not only are you supporting your own team, but you interact with so many other teams throughout the day.

“Definitely! Operations, Creative Services, and Marketing Technology. With Operations, it’s usually related to coordinating customer subscription increases and renewals. With Creative Services, we’ll discuss strategy and ideas for new experiences we’re building for customers, as well as prioritize tasks and project work. With Marketing Technology, it’s tracking the progress and status of technical projects.”

Your main focus is on our clients’ success. How do you manage to strategize so that your solutions fit each company or brand differently?

“I think one of the most important qualities of a good account services professional is empathy. Being able to put yourself in the position of the customers you are interacting with, having a keen sense for what they are really trying to accomplish and what will help them be successful, and then crafting your communication style to help drive you together toward that goal.”

Setting goals with customers is huge part of their success. What about your own team? What type of goals do you typically aim for?

“Our department has annual goals, as well as quarterly goals that support the achievement of the annual goals. Top priorities include customer retention and success. We do that by constantly looking for opportunities to engage with our customers in a meaningful way. We want to help them envision and execute great app-like experiences.”

All this work must make your role very rewarding, I assume.

“Incredibly rewarding. Each week, we meet with the engineering team to talk about current developments and new features in progress. I love having the opportunity to hear firsthand about where/how the platform is evolving and what’s coming next. It’s always amazing, and progressive, and I love that exposure to that part of ion’s business. The overall most rewarding part of my role is helping identify opportunities for customers to be more successful in our platform, then helping them successfully execute on that opportunity. If we can help them find that opportunity and nurture it to success, it feels awesome.”

Audrey is a powerhouse when it comes to customer success and her hard work and passion show it. So whether it’s strategic communication and relationship-building with our customers, brainstorming opportunities for those customers to be more successful in their marketing goals by leveraging ion, or working across teams and departments to ensure customers’ creative and technical goals are being met, we are thrilled to have Audrey as part of our team, ensuring the success of each and every one of our awesome clients.

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