Agile Testing with Landing Pages Leads to Big Results for Iron Mountain

What type of return on investment would you expect from a bit of controlled experimentation and testing with interactive elements mixed into your landing pages?

An incredible lift in conversation rates.

Iron Mountain did just that. They took their landing pages to the next level with interactive content and saw results that some of us could only dream of seeing.

Tom Berger, the Director of Internet Marketing at Iron Mountain, knew that the original way they were testing their landing pages wasn’t yielding honest results. They were participating in sequential split testing as opposed to running the tests parallel, which means that the results could very well be skewed by such things as time period and traffic trends. Tom knew that their marketing initiatives needed testing that provided data and insights that were useful in optimizing their post-click experiences.

Along with ion, Iron Mountain was able to gain flexibility in their testing, launching over 30 tests in the first four months of working together. 

They were no longer held captive by the lack of agility with their prior resources. An interactive content platform like ion gave Iron Mountain’s marketing team the chance to create, copy, version, test and optimize their experiences. The result? A 255% conversion increase.

Hard to believe? Check out the full case study with examples shown here.

Excited to see how interactive content is taking over in the next generation of landing pages? All this month, we’ll be focusing on case studies from companies like Dell and Genworth Financial who use interactive elements to transform the first impression with their online audience. Be sure to follow along so you won’t miss a single story!

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