All Content in Moderation – A Healthy Balance of Digital Deliciousness

I love to eat (and cook, but let’s be honest, it’s exhausting and hard to do with a 5 yr old walking in your shadow 24 hrs a day).  

Eating is a ritual. From perusing the menu, to wine pairing, to dessert. It’s a truly delicious experience if done right.  Some people will cower at the caloric intake of a robust filet, a glass of grenache and a sinful chocolate lava cake. But I say, everything in moderation.

You know what else is like that, minus the calories? Content Marketing.  Think about it.  A restaurant menu may contain appetizers, small plates, entrees, sides, dessert, drinks.  And when creating content you have a bevy of options—copy, visuals, videos, interactive elements and more!

Just like the healthy balance of salads, fruits and veggies with an occasional filet dripping in truffle butter (accompanied by a dose of Garcinia Cambogia to make me feel better about the situation), content marketing requires the same healthy balance mindset.

Think about how bored your customers would be if every time they came to your website the only consumable content was a boring and text-heavy white paper.  Boring with a capital B.

I love a good grilled cheese. It’s basic, easy and delicious. But if I went to a restaurant regularly and that’s all they had, every day, no changes, how long until I go elsewhere? Sometimes a girl wants that grilled cheese with bacon, or tomato, or even avocado!

Your content is just like that grilled cheese.  Need help drawing the parallel?

Grilled Cheese = traditional white paper

Add Bacon = video

Add Tomato = visuals

Add Avocado = make it interactive! Turn it into an assessment, a quiz, whatever. But for the love of Lady Gaga, throw some interactivity into it.

Engage your peeps.  Make that content so delicious, and a little bit unexpected, that when they have that first bite they know it’s something they are going to crave.

There’s no one way to do content right.  But with all of the noise our audiences are bombarded with, two pieces of bread and a couple slices of cheese isn’t going to win them over.

They want to read, watch, click, and participate simultaneously.  So when you’re cooking that content, mix it up.  Throw in different dashes of interactivity wherever you can.  Your audience will end up with a healthy balance of engaging content that will satiate their appetite and keep them coming back again and again.

Want to make the grilled cheese that is your content marketing deluxe? Register now and explore the interactive guide to Cutting Through the Clutter by Activating Your Content to get inspiration for engaging your audience.

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