All-New Interactive Content Marketing Experiences To Try

We’re excited to share our newest Quick Starts. Quick Starts are ion’s pre-built  interactive content marketing experiences available to our customers—and they are the fastest way to go from idea to launch. Customers take a Quick Start, apply their brand theme with a simple drop down, add their content and images to the placeholder areas and go live—all without needing developers or coding.

This is the perfect time to get your content marketing kicked into high gear for Q2. So what are you waiting for? Check out a few of our newest Quick Starts and see how you can repurpose your existing static content into interactive digital experiences that get results!

5 Question Quiz

This clean, simple, five-question quiz will have your audience engaged while you learn interest and intent. It’s ungated for unimpeded engagement, accommodates supporting content on the score page, and shows how you can optionally use ‘enter to win’ as lead-gen bait at the end.

Report Card

We’ve seen great success using report cards to get people engaged in assessing themselves. People love to answer questions and get a personalized grade or score! Use this Quick Start as the basis of your report card and uncover interest, intent and pain while providing helpful,  high value content to your audience. It starts with a low gate of just email address and includes lead-gen calls-to-action on the results page.

Simple eBook with Chapter Quizzes

This easy-to-navigate Simple eBook with Chapter Quizzes is a sleek Quick Start that allows visitors to not only learn about your product, service, or organization, but also participate throughout their content journey as well. Short quiz questions are included at the end of every chapter to test their knowledge on the content, with built-in calls to action to help you capture lead data from interested visitors.

Multi-Step Form Left

For a simple experience to focus attention and generate leads, take advantage of this multi-step form Quick Start. Visitors’ eyes are immediately drawn to the animated form, which allows you to gather significant information through the multiple steps. A section of lower-page content, as well as a downloadable asset offer after completing the form, can offer as much about your company, product or service as you’d like to share.

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