An Engaging Interactive Content Example From Pearson

There are a bevy of benefits attached to interactive content:

  • It spurs digital dialogue
  • It’s scalable
  • It aids in sales & marketing alignment
  • It offers endless possibilities for creativity
  • And the engagement! Don’t even get me started on the engagement!

Another very cool element of interactive content is that there is not one way to construct an experience. Basically, what I am saying is that there aren’t really any boundaries or rules (who likes those anyway?).

It doesn’t have to look a certain way, or convey just one message. You have freedom to flex those creative muscles. And that’s exactly what Pearson did when they combined TWO types of interactive content into one brilliant experience.

Using the ion platform, they built an interactive eBook that segued into a quiz. It’s almost like an ultra cool version of a homework assignment that you actually WANT to do.

The beauty of an eBook is that is doesn’t take the form of just another traditional book. Pearson created an engaging and clean design with a variety of clickable options, each offering valuable information for the reader.

Everything is right there in front of the user, but they can pick and choose where they go first. They have a say in what they consume and how they consume it. There’s no “order”, it’s designed to be navigated however the user decides – one of the BEST parts of interactive content for sure!

Then, if the user chooses to partake, there’s a corresponding quiz right there that offers a gut check of sorts on the content provided in the eBook.

It’s not just an interactive content experience – it’s a comprehensive one, offering choices to the audience on how to engage, instead of traditional cookie cutter conduits of information.

Pearson’s experience is doubly good, because of the combination of interactive content forces, and this is a trend we know is only going to gain speed.

Interactive content is going to continue to undergo change and evolution, and as it does, we just know we are going to be treated to continued inspiration from our customers.

Speaking of inspiration, do you have something you’ve built in the ion platform that we can share? We’d love to show you off and give you oodles of credit!

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