Anthem Breaks Down CDHPs with an Interactive Infographic

Just when you thought the infographic couldn’t get any cooler…

I mean, it’s already a super modern way to visually convey a story or spread a message, right? You trade pages of text for cool image blocks filled with different pictures. You can incorporate colors and other visually stunning effects.

And now, you can make them interactive?!?!? Say What??

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this nuance to the infographic. It turns a very visual experience into a fully interactive scenario, and it’s awesome. You can make every nook and cranny clickable, or infuse cool effects like animation. There are just so many possibilities.

Our customer, Anthem, even created one recently, and if you haven’t seen it, you should totally check it out.

Health insurance details can be a lot to absorb. There’s so much to know, and a lot of really valuable information to thumb through. But Anthem decided to build an experience in ion to make it a bit more digestible, and who doesn’t like that?! It’s packed with information about Consumer Driven Health Plans – the advantages, different types of plans, some metrics and even a quiz! That’s interactive content within interactive content, people!

One of the best things about interactive content is the opportunity for multiple touch points that can facilitate a true back-and-forth, a digital dialogue as we always say. And this little gem is a perfect example of that in practice.

So take a look, click, take the quiz and think about what content YOU have that would be conducive to an interactive infographic. Aaannnd, if you want a little help or guidance building it, feel free to give us a shout.

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