App-like Digital Experiences To Satisfy That Travel Bug

It’s travel time again. School’s out. The days are long. Summer is the perfect time to take that trip you’ve been thinking about all year. But booking that trip can be dreadful—trying to search around for the best flight times and prices, reading reviews on hotels to ensure that you aren’t having to sleep on top of the sheets with one eye open, making sure you don’t miss a single thing while you’re in a new city.

While booking a trip may be a hassle, these travel industry companies have found a way to make it fun with their app-like digital experiences. So before you go running to that travel agency to have them book everything for you, take a look at some of the best uses of app-like features to ensure that planning your next experience can actually be an experience in itself.

Unique Guides

Of course, you never want to miss out on anything when you’re in the city you’ve been waiting to visit all year. That’s where Unique Guides comes in. Choose whichever city you’re visiting and browse the micro guides provided. Want to help others out as well? You can even create and publish your own micro guide of the favorite stops in your city. Locals helping locals. I love it!


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Although this next campaign is no longer running, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recently took social engagement to a whole new level. When booking with KLM, the traveler was able to voluntarily and seamlessly link to their social media and attach their profile to their seat. By doing so, they were able to see others on the plane, their interests, and choose a seat accordingly: introducing their Meet&Seat campaign.

Now granted, I’m the type of person that likes to zone out with my headphones in and A Tribe Called Quest blaring in my ears so I can’t hear anyone around me, but then maybe that’s what others like as well. Pretty incredible way of using social to make the traveler’s experience better in any way KLM can.


American Airlines

I’m sure we all remember back in the day when blankets and pillows were free on flights and you were actually fed somewhat edible meals. Now you’re lucky if you can even fit your legs between the seats and get pre-crushed pretzels in a bag. American Airlines has completely redesigned some of their planes to better suit travelers’ comfortability. But instead of just assuming you’ll take their word for it, they’ve designed an interactive digital experience that allows visitors to virtually tour their Boeing 777-300 and Airbus A321T. Looks like I might start thinking about flying with AA again soon…


Virgin America

Be cautious when you participate in this digital experience from VirginAmerica—this could easily want to make you book a ticket immediately on a Virgin America flight to travel to anywhere their amazing, entertainment-filled planes take you. We’re all in for marketing apps but this one is almost on a whole other level. From interactions with the visitor to embedded videos and light boxes to tell more, Virgin America definitely outdid it with their app-like digital experience.

These digital experience make booking a trip a breeze—truly enjoyable (and when was the last time you said that about researching or booking travel online!?).

How can you make a more enjoyable, meaningful experience for your visitors? Creating an app-like experience for your visitors can easily provide them the information they were looking for quickly through an entertaining and useful interaction. Looking for some ideas? Register now and receive the free Marketing Apps Idea Book.

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