APPy Mother’s Day!

I love Mother’s Day even more than I love my birthday. It’s such an awesome celebration and almost makes up for the whole childbirth process (I said almost). If you are like me, then you love the handmade macaroni necklaces and dishes with tiny handprints even more than a store bought gift. At least until our kids are old enough to drive themselves to a proper retail establishment and drop some serious money on something really good. I’m only partially kidding.

Being entrenched in the world of tech, I am connected to some device from the moment I get up — smartphone, tablet, and desktop. Wherever I go, I leave a little technological footprint (along with a five year old’s footprints trailing closely behind). And she is connected too. I won’t even tell you how many apps I have on my smartphone and tablet that are solely for my child’s entertainment because it’s embarrassing. It’s egregious actually. So it got me thinking… I know what apps SHE likes, but there are also some pretty awesome apps out there for the mommies. And I’m not talking apps you download onto your phone either, which is good because I’m running out of room anyway and might have to jump to the next phone with more gigs.

If you’re not familiar with Marketing Apps, then you better catch up because they are HUGE right now. They have significant impact from both a B2B and B2C perspective. Instead of something that is native to your mobile device, these are browser-based experiences that can be accessed on any device but still provide that app-like feel. Since Mother’s Day is this coming weekend, I thought I’d focus on some of the marketing apps moms love!

Nick Jr. Photo Booth

This is a free, fun app where you can download a picture and have your child flanked by their favorite Nick Jr. characters. You can even decorate, save it and share it with friends and family.

Disney Customized Maps

Let’s be real, there’s not much Disney doesn’t do magically. They have always been innovators and ahead of the curve. And they are constantly coming up with new things to make the Disney experience more interactive, user-friendly and amazing. Did you know that they have a marketing app on their website where you can make your very own customized map?! You’re welcome.

You can filter based on age, specific parks and attractions. You can even select your favorites to prioritize. Then, select a theme and choose one of two ways to receive your map — you can order it, FREE (which is awesome since you’ll need that cash for some Mickey Pops and perhaps a Dole Whip or two) and Disney will send it to you, or if that doesn’t totally impress you like it did me, you can print it yourself. C’mon guys, it doesn’t get any more interactive that that.

Stonyfield Yogurt Recipe Box

You can register for free on Stonyfield’s site and have access to your very own personalized recipe box. They have a ton of recipes with easy to follow directions, pictures and user ratings. You can elect to add them to your virtual recipe box and build your own arsenal of yummy eats for you and the kids.

Parents Magazine

Parents Magazine’s website is chock full of marketing apps that could make any parent (newbie or veteran) giddy. Among them is a birthday party planner that allows you to pick themes, décor, food, cakes, activities, and keep it all in one place for reference.

I can speak for myself when I say this mom loves to appify anything I can get my hands on. And just like I enjoy a kid-free trip to Target every once in awhile, I also love techy tools that are useful AND fun.

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