Beers, Mustaches, and Manly App-like Experiences

Everything I am is because of my father. In a house of all girls—three daughters, my mom, and female animals—my dad had to deal with a lot. Granted, he played Barbies with me and played dress up whenever I asked with no exceptions (sorry for revealing that, Dad). But he took his last shot at what I’m sure he wishes was a son and turned me into quite the tomboy at a young age. To this day, my skateboarding antics, fearlessness to try new things, and love for anything on the ocean are all dedicated to him.

So after all those years of teaching me how to survive on my own and not be afraid to go on an adventure, I finally was able to teach him something recently: how to use an iPad. Now, don’t get it wrong. My dad knows his stuff about technology… that is, technology from the 1990s (He still mentions AOL every once in awhile). But when Father’s Day was coming up a couple years ago, I knew just the present to buy him. Man, was that a great idea…

Until he went to go download an app. Explaining the apps. How to sign in to his Apple ID. What is free and what isn’t. How to be careful of spending on in-app purchases. The frustration! We did get as far as downloading Words with Friends (Big mistake by the way! My mother and him literally sit on the couch next to each other and play Words with Friends. Meanwhile, a full Scrabble box is right under the table. I’m 26 and in the technology world and STILL think there needs to be some human interaction, ladies and gentlemen).

Regardless, downloading apps is a process to say the least. But the great news is that, thanks to so many recent fantastic user experience and web design advancements, you can attain the ease of use and the interaction level that apps have can now be seen within a standard web browser. No downloading hassle at all.

So for the fathers out there, enjoy your day. Whether you spend Sunday opening all the ties, socks, and underwear money could buy or you spend it away on the ocean fishing for that prize sailfish with a beer (or two… ahem, deep sea fighting belts can have more than one purpose!) in hand, these few app-like digital experiences are sure to inspire the Ron Swanson in you.



I can’t even explain how long my dad holds onto his wallets. Explaining how his 300 cards fit perfectly in it and how he could never get rid of it even though the cash is about to fall through the holes in the bottom, I can never get him to get that brick out of his jean’s back pocket. If any of you men out there can clarify how you sit comfortably with that, I welcome any explanations. Bellroy’s digital experience could alone be my dad’s present this year.

Bellroy understands the need for men to slim down those bricks they call wallets. Depending on the interest of the individual, Bellroy provides a continuous scrolling experience that segments what each visitor is looking for. Fold your bills? Keep them flat? Traveling? Storing your passport? They’ve got the answers. With a sense of sarcasm and a few jokes, each visitor can actually interact with the page to see how their Bellroy wallet would look compared to the standard man’s wallet with x amount of cards and cash stored in it. Take a look here and see how you could slim your wallet, or for the ladies, what wallet you should get him for Father’s Day.



Shopping isn’t just for the women out there. Men need to re-up every once in awhile on some of those dirty, grimy socks and razors that are rusted but they still use them anyway (you know who you are). Forget going to the store. And forget remembering to go to the store. Manpacks has made the need to buy underwear, socks, razors, and more an almost mindless after-thought. We’ve seen subscription-based services popping up all over but this just might be my favorite one for the gentlemen.

Within their digital experience, each visitor is able to configure their own “man pack” with everything from face wash to vitamins to shirts and more. Not only can this serve as a one-time gift, but the visitor can set up a quarterly delivery subscription. With Manpacks offering this incredibly personalized shopping experience, there’s no excuse now to not have a clean white shirt or no matching socks, guys.



Alright, I know it’s Father’s Day, but whoever is feeling generous, feel free to send one of these to me as well. It’s summer and backyard BBQs are about to be in full effect. However, that huge cooler you have out back that you have to continuously fill with ice that melts before it even touches the beer just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Introducing the eCool…

So it may be a bit pricier than your standard cooler, but take a look at this. Reaching 113cm in height, eCool is an in-ground cooler. As they say “it’s advised to use a garden drill, but can be installed with a shovel as well, if you’re a real man.” Holding 24 year-round naturally-cooled cans, the eCool changes the backyard BBQ game! As does their digital experience. As you scroll, the cooler graphic moves with you, showing you exactly how it works all the way to the in-ground cooling. Animated graphic not enough for you? Watch the embedded video to see more. Talk about the ultimate Father’s Day gift!


Happy Father’s Day! We hope these app-like experiences inspire you to create interactive and engaging digital experiences of your own. Until then, grab that beer and enjoy your day. You deserve it!


Want to see for yourself how you can create the ultimate manly interactive and engaging digital experience? Join us and see if for yourself!


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