Best of 2017: Back to Basics—An Introduction to Interactive Content

December is here! I know we all feel like this every year, but 2017 really did fly by. With interactive content in an upswing and B2B and B2C companies left and right creating engaging experiences for their online audience, you can bet that we’ve been pretty busy here at ion (not to mention that we had some exciting news ourselves as we became part of the Scribble family in the later half of the year).

So to close out the year, we wanted to reflect on our favorite webinars, blog posts, interactive experiences, and customer highlights that impacted our audiences the most in 2017. For the entire month of December, you’ll find yourself taking a step back in time to relive the interactive content story, so make sure you subscribe and follow along!

First up, we’ll start by getting back to the basics of interactive content.

In July, we focused all our content on a full reintroduction to interactive content. While we’ve been in the interactive content biz for quite sometime, we felt that a overview of experiences that are engaging, educational, and captive was something that would help marketers of every industry grasp what interactive content is and what it takes to weave it into their content marketing strategies.

And not surprisingly, one of our most popular webinars this year was our presentation on Back to Basics — an Introduction to Interactive Content. In this webinar, ion’s Director of Customer Engagement, Audrey Ross, and ion’s Content Strategist, Stephanie Mansueto, explained what interactive content is, the types of interactive content, how marketers can repurpose existing static content, and what makes a successful interactive content marketing program.

If you missed their presentation back in July, we’ve got it right here for you to watch below:

As well, we had some great resources on our blog to really help marketers adopt interactive content, from beginners to experts. Be sure to check out some of the blog posts below:

Did you kick off your interactive content strategy this year? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below! And remember to follow along all this month as we cover our top 17 of 2017 in our interactive content marketing world. We’ll see you back next week!

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