Best of 2017: Top Blog Posts and Content Marketing Advice of the Year

This year, we really wanted to focus on being a thought leader in the content marketing world and a true educator to any marketers looking to transform their content strategy. From weekly blog posts, fun and engaging interactive experiences, to an educational video series, interactive content marketing education was the main goal of our brand’s content for 2017.

So to highlight the number 14 and 15 spots of our Top 17 of 2017, let’s take a look back at our favorite content marketing advice in the form of blog posts and videos.


Top Blog Posts

Account-Based Marketing: Think Outside the Funnel

Most B2B brands have incorporated some level of ABM into their marketing strategies. According to a 2016 State of ABM study conducted by SiriusDecisions, over 70 percent of B2B organizations have teams either completely or partially devoted to ABM programs, which means marketers and sales teams ignoring the benefits of ABM are probably missing out. Account-based marketing is an important tool for maintaining existing relationships with clients by keeping them engaged with the brand through personalized, interactive content. Here’s how to think outside of the funnel.

Creative Storytelling With Interactive Content

In the early days of brand storytelling, marketers would craft advertisements that told a quick story about their product or service to their prospects. These little stories aimed to engage customers into wanting to make a purchase. Content marketing does more than simply convince customers that they need to purchase your products. Instead, content marketing is used as a way to educate customers about the brand in a way that builds trust and connection with the audience. Read more about creative storytelling.

Fill in the Gray Area: Collecting Valuable Data from Interactive Content

As marketers, we’re all looking to have deeper insight into our audience, leads and prospects. We can find out what pages they visited, what blog posts they read, what asset they downloaded, but that seemed to be all we could find out. Until interactive content. It’s not just about what your audience is doing with your content, but why they’re doing it. It’s about diving deeper into their needs, wants and pain points to serve up better and more meaningful content. Read how interactive content can deliver better solutions to each and every visitor.


Ask Audrey Series

Back in 2016, we tapped into some of the best interactive content insight we had in our very own offices, Audrey Ross, ion’s Director of Customer Engagement. We chatted with Audrey on a different topic every week, discussing her thoughts on the state of content marketing, interactive content trends, and what she was seeing from our customers.

And earlier this month, we were thrilled to release the 50th episode! So celebrate with us as we share the entire Ask Audrey series as the number 15 spot in our Top 17 of 2017.

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