Bistro MD Prescribes the Interactive Content the Doctor Ordered

There are few things I love more in the world than food.  I literally plan my days around it and often find myself plotting dinner plans at 8am if there is something specific I am craving. A love of food can come with a hefty price tag if you don’t keep yourself in check and know your body. But it’s hard sometimes!! Am I right or am I right?? That’s why Bistro MD’s little piece of interactive content is just what the doctor ordered! 

They created a quiz in ion’s platform to help you gain clarity into your MD Factor–A little more insight into weight gain related to metabolic dysfunction. 

Like any well-constructed quiz, Bistro MD walks you through a series of questions about your eating habits and questions related to how you feel after certain foods and types of weight gain. 

Following these, you hit a final page where it asks some basic questions about health history and other basic demographics. 

And then, just like that you get personalized results delivered right to your hot little hands. Easy Peasy! 

I know sometimes we sound a little broken record-ish, but THIS is exactly what interactive content should be. A back and forth between company and visitor that results in some kind of awesome deliverable.  The ante is upped in every way when you use interactive content to engage your audience. And trust us….if you do it well, they will keep coming back for more because interactivity is where it’s at.

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