Bring the Focus to your Customers with Brand New Quick Starts

Once a month, we like to round up our favorite new Quick Starts that were recently released to give you all—whether you’re a customer of ours or not—a little insight into what you can do through the power of interactive content.

This month, we’re making it all about YOUR customers. This is the Age of the Customer and, as we head into 2016, CMOs will need to rally for a customer-focused shift immediately, if not sooner.

This Age of the Customer, according to Cliff Condon via Forrester, will be a “20-year business cycle in which the most successful enterprises will reinvent themselves to systematically understand and serve increasingly powerful customers.”

Through interactive content, you put the customer first, whether it’s through an eBook where they can build their our journey through your content and offerings or through a survey where they can give their feedback on the personal experience they had with your brand.

Interactive content like the Quick Starts below give your customer the chance to have a voice. So with the Age of the Customer upon us, what are you doing to give power to your customers and start serving them? Not sure where to start? Check these three brand new Quick Starts and put the production of your content in the hands of your customers.



Need to gain insight into the opinions of your customers? Want to see what they think of your product or service? This elegant interactive survey walks visitors through three questions rating their experience with your product or brand on a scale of 1-5. Visitors have the option to fill out the included form for contact or to get more information externally.



Four crisp, clean, succinct benefits reveal your story above the fold. Below, deeper content converts interest into leads. This single page interactive experience enables your visitors to quickly discover your brand, product or service — and to take lead-gen or social sharing action.



A grid of six, compelling, persuasive customer testimonials sits above the fold. Each flips elegantly to reveal more information. And when this third-party validation does its job and motivates your prospect, they can act by inbounding or subscribing.

Curious to see what other types of interactive content can give your customers control of the content THEY want to see? Check out some more Quick Start examples we have in ion’s Quick Start Cloud.

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