Learn How to Build Your Own Business ROI Calculator

Return-on-investment is the most important indicator that a company needs to monitor if it wants to optimize its spending more sustainably and precisely.

This KPI (Key Performance Indicator) tells you what you are getting for the money invested, especially how much it costs to consolidate each new sale. What if you could give your clients this kind of vision?

In this post, we’ll talk about creating a customized business ROI calculator — from how it works to how you can use it to improve your lead generation and sales pitch. Let’s start! 

What is an interactive business ROI calculator?

To calculate the return on investment in any situation, you need to determine some of its factors. Overall, the equation is simple: how much you spend versus how much you profited from that.

But this direct relation doesn’t tell a business the whole story. It doesn’t inform decision-makers enough to elaborate on better strategies and increase performance from the available budget.

They need a lot more than that. They need context. A great ROI analysis takes into account determined goals and expectations, how much time it takes to get that return, and how the investment performed in both absolute and relative numbers.

Another vital point for better understanding the impact on a marketing investment is how the money is split between different channels like paid ads, content marketing, and SEO.

That is why an interactive business ROI calculator can have a great influence on how C-Level professionals decide to spend their money.

These tools can be created, customized, and available online for leads searching for new marketing partners. They input basic information like budget, cost-per-click, and average sales then get rich data on the return they are getting.

It is a simple and easy way to perceive value. This information can show how they are performing in conversion rates and profit over a specific time frame and what points can be improved.

Having such an important insight for your leads is a great selling point for the service you deliver. And it can be built to highlight exactly what your competitive edge is to the audience. So let’s explain that a little more.

How it helps you to show value to your clients

Having a customized ROI calculator embedded in your website (or any other lead-capturing channel) is great for demonstrating what you have to offer, and how you can improve ROI with a great marketing campaign.

It all has to do with educating your persona and showing factor by factor how can you solve this equation with better numbers in the end. These are the main points you might consider when building your calculator.

Visual is an easy way of understanding numbers

A lot of business owners and managers think they have total control of numbers. That they know how the company is spending and how they are receiving this investment back.

Most of the time, it is not true. Especially for areas, they don’t have expertise in like marketing. They want results, but their vision is quite limited on how to reach them. 

An interactive calculator can show these numbers more comprehensively and understandably. It is not only an engaging tool for leads but it makes them see how a company can have a better return on the same investment — it all depends on strategy and the right partners.

Quick simulation for varied scenarios

Another benefit of interaction is giving the user the power to test and simulate their ROI performance any way they want:

·       what if I spend more

·       what if I improved my sales conversion

·       what if I invest more in paid ads

·       what if I try a better Content Marketing campaign

·       what if I focus on raising my average ticket

That way, they can play with numbers and start understanding how each decision can affect their profit in the future. It is a great way to discriminate factors and indicators, so they can see which of them are more relevant to their businesses.

Sales pitch support

An interactive ROI calculator is mostly used as a selling point for Marketing. It shows what numbers could be better and in what areas a company is underperforming.

With that data, you can approach a lead pointing directly to their main pains — showing how it is possible to use the budget to strengthen weak points and how you are perfect for the job.

Strategy planning support

Even after converting a lead, how about using your ROI calculator to plan your next moves? When you have a great tool built specifically for the job you do, it can be used to align expectations and discuss strategies with the client.

What points should you focus on first? What are the actual Marketing investment strong points? What are the weaknesses?

It is always easier to educate and make better decisions when you have visual aid — for you, for your team, for your client.

A new channel for organic traffic

In the end, people really like useful tools for analyzing data and planning. The easier it is, the more engaging it becomes.

So why not think about it as a converting channel as well? If you have a great calculator that helps your persona understanding their actual and future Marketing campaigns in terms of results, you have an efficient gateway for organic traffic.

Being useful, being direct to the point and helping companies with intelligence: that is all you need to build authority for your brand.

How ION’s ROI calculator tool can simplify the process

You can build your tool if you want, but how about showing your value as a service and attracting new leads the easy way?

Ion Interactive has its own Embedded Return On Investment calculator that can be customized and made available online for your audience and clients.

Its main native function is an out-of-the-box calculation for ROI from pay-per-click online ads. With a few clicks, it is already working.

But what sets Ion’s tool apart is its ability to transform into what you need as an attraction and a sales pitch for your website.

With some tweaks and little need for programming, you can offer your leads information on sales, revenues, clicks, and the return percentage compared to the money invested.

If a business ROI calculator is a necessity for every decision-maker, putting it into a marketing context is a great way of convincing them of your value. With Ion, you can quickly build one engaging, instigating and, obviously, informative.

How about having this and more support for your marketing strategies? Then visit our website right now and know our solutions!

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