Call It What You Want, Just Engage While Doing It.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what happens at a more rapid pace – new technologies and trends or the buzz phrases used to describe them. The marketing industry has more of these buzz phrases than Mike Tyson has face tattoos. Just as you begin to wrap your head around the latest and greatest – a new one emerges and industry folk are scoffing at your archaic vocabulary.  

Recently, CMS Wire dropped an article filled with great Forrester insight into the death of “Campaign Marketing”.  RIP buddy.

So this got us thinking, because ionians love to do that, and we decided something.  We don’t care as much what you call it, how you sell it, or what it looks like – as long as it’s engaging as heck!  The noise and chaos is at an all time high.  And there is only ONE way to truly get through it and stand out.  Engage, engage, ENGAGE.  Get the biggest, sparkliest, most gorgeous diamond (metaphor obviously) you can find – and propose engagement to your audiences in a way that makes it impossible for them to say no.

And Forrester, being Forrester, provided a ton of gems to support the critical nature of engagement in the user experience today, more than ever.  We like bullets, so here are a few of our favorites…

  • On the prevalence of consumers being connected to at least three devices throughout the day, “This gives marketers more opportunities than ever to engage their customers in meaningful ways – or to screw it up.” (P.S. Don’t screw it up.)

  • “These are empowered customers who are forcing businesses to enter the age of the customer.”

  • “All of the interactions our customers have with your brand define it, and it is the context of those interactions that determines if they’ll interact and transact with you again.”

  • “Marketing’s job now is to identify and use context to create a repeatable cycle of interactions, drive deeper engagement and learn more about the customer process.”

  • “Context marketing represents a new pinnacle of what marketers are striving for – modeling the internal and external worlds of the customer in order to deliver meaningful, real-times experiences.”

See what we mean?

Nobody wants the old crotchety teacher who has been doling out the same assignments since 1962 while wearing the same old, tattered burgundy cardigan (Campaign Marketing), when there is a new and more progressive teacher, who wears trendy clothes and lets you call him by his first name (Contextual Marketing).  Why?  Well, besides the obvious, it’s because the newer teacher is actually engaging his students, appealing to them on a level that piques their interest, towing the line between authority and contemporary.  

And guess what? Customers look for these exact traits in brands.  

So forget about the buzz words, the acronyms, the latest in marketing-speak.  Focus instead on getting to know your audience, on wooing them. So that when you get down on bended knee and offer them that final rose, they accept.

So, how about it? Ready to get hitched to a solid digital experience?  Too fast?  Ok, we’ll take it slow.  Let’s start with a first date where we’ll show you a little demo of what we can do.  No pressure, no expectations, just two people talking about the awesomeness of marketing apps.

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