Capture Data and Valuable Insights Into User Behavior With the Next Generation of Landing Pages

Throughout the month of November, we have been discussing the importance of launching landing pages that include additional engagement points for users. Landing pages have long been used to move prospects from interested shoppers to potential buyers by providing them with the right information rather than making them search for it.

Unfortunately, on a traditional landing page, your visitors only have one opportunity to engage with you—the form. So, if a user lands on your experience and doesn’t complete the form, you really do not know whether the content on the page was helpful or even consumed. When interactivity is added to a landing page, users are able to engage with elements that can help educate them on the topic.

Adding a form of engagement outside of the form can not only peak user’s interest in the topic, it also provides marketers with valuable insights into the success of the page, the topics most interesting, and additional information about the user. Data collected from a user who engages with interactive elements on a landing page can be extremely valuable to marketers who are looking to optimize a landing page for more conversions or to determine what can be done for future experiences.


Interactive Content Engages Users More than Traditional Content

Over the summer, we released Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report on Interactive Content which showed how marketers are using interactive content in context with their
broader content marketing efforts. Of the marketers who were surveyed, 87% agreed that interactive content grabbed the attention of the reader more effectively than static content.

Traditional landing pages feature a form, high above the fold that is often paired with an image and some copy. Your audience can opt to complete the form immediately after they land on the page or they can explore copy below. Unfortunately, marketers are left unaware of the journey a user takes on the landing page. Adding engagement points or reveal tiles under the hero section can provide an additional engagement point where users can click or hover to learn more about the product or service.


Data Collected Can Fuel Future Content

When we create a landing page with interactive content elements, we learn more about our users. This data can be valuable during the next marketing sprint planning or when a new campaign is being considered. Some interactive elements that could provide valuable data include quiz questions, accordions that explain a product, or a flow component that provides a tour of a product or service.

Landing pages are often used to move users through the funnel, with relevant content about a product or service that can solve their problem. And as marketers we need to be constantly looking to improve the copy we write on our landing pages to make sure we are creating the right copy for the right audience. Without interactive content we have no way to measure what was effective and what wasn’t on a single page.


For more information on next-gen landing pages, watch our recent webinar here.

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