Catalyst Seeks Interactive Solution for Conference Promotion

E-commerce conference Catalyst knows where the party’s at. They’re creating interactive content to drive engagement, and have launched a new solution finder in the promotion of their 2018 event, hosted by ChannelAdvisor.

Catalyst started 11 years ago. A lot has happened to e-commerce in those 11 years, and it seems only fitting that their promotion of the event would evolve to include interactive content—an audience-engaging form of content that’s more than a passing trend.

For this experience the client created a “Justify Your Trip” quiz that’s embedded onto their conference site. Using the ion platform, they easily designed quiz questions geared toward potential attendees. As the user clicks through the quiz, they are asked about their interests, and receive a tailored results page based on their responses.

The results page breaks down conference educational workshops, speaker bios, and networking opportunities. The “Justify Your Trip” concept is designed for potential attendees to convince their employer to grant permission for conference attendance—though quizzes like these make that concept a little less daunting.

Taking place from April 17-19, 2018 in San Diego, Catalyst is a leading e-commerce conference featuring speakers from Uber, FedEx, and Pitney Bowes, to name a few. Find the embedded interactive quiz online on their site.

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