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Every 5th of May, people of all nationalities celebrate the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla. Many honor the memory of General Ignacio Zaragoza SeguĂ­n who led the army to victory on this day in 1862.

Oh, who am I kidding? It’s Cinco de Mayo and everyone has their reason to wear a mustache and buy the biggest sombrero ever made.

Personally, I love Cinco de Mayo. Latin cultures have always intrigued me and frankly, I probably should’ve been born a Costa Rican or a Columbian (just ask my Argentinian brother-in-law, Ecuadorian roommate, or Dominican boyfriend… they’ll say I’m a light skinned Latina). For the one time of the year that the influence of another culture takes over, it’s my chance to “escape” to another country for a day.

Ok so while Cinco de Mayo is a wonderful celebration of the Mexican culture, for most in the United States it’s about guacamole, tacos, hot sauce, beer, and tequila. And maybe some Spanish lessons throughout the day.

Everyone seems to get in the festive spirit, especially some of the companies that are known for supporting the Mexican holiday. Some even go as far as changing up their digital experiences to make cinch de Mayo even more engaging and improving their brand perception through an interactive site. So while consumers are out there looking for what to drink on this holiday or what the best hot sauce is for the meal they’re making, these next five companies are using app-like features to make their name be the first one you think of when you hear Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


Yes, I know guacamole is extra. But what is a Chipotle burrito without it? If you haven’t been to or heard of Chipotle, it is a Mexican girl chain that prides themselves on naturally raised meat and locally sourced produce, as well as some killer guac.

This company is actually pretty well known for their marketing creativity, with Chipotle-specific short movies and television shows. Following suit, they’ve done a nice job recently with their digital experience. With the inclusion of a sticky nav, animated graphics, and interactivity, their site transforms from information about their offers to a page all about their culture and what they believe is the true integrity of their food. Take a look at some of the app-like features they’ve incorporated here.

Tapatio Hot Sauce x The Hundreds

Now, while this digital experience doesn’t live within Tapatio’s site, The Hundreds, a California culture company based out of LA, partnered with the Mexican hot sauce company for quit the collaboration. Starting last month, the two companies decided to bring on a partnership that would be covered on The Hundred’s site in the coming months. Set to debut on Cinco de Mayo, the collaborated bottle of The Hundreds X Tapatio Hot Sauce will be burning the mouths and tingling the taste buds of thousands. I personally can’t wait!

Within The Hundreds site, there are multiple articles on the history of Tapatio, behind the scenes in the factory, and even some great recipes using the 40 year old legendary taste bud kicker. A lot of information to go through, but The Hundred’s interactive and engaging site makes it easy to browse. With sticky nav, responsiveness, and tile design, visitors can quickly see the articles about Tapatio, as well as other articles that may interest them. Check it out here.

Jose Cuervo

Tequila: you either love it or you hate it. Or you love it and then you quickly hate it the next day. Either way, Cinco de Mayo is a day that tequila companies get excited about. Take Jose Cuervo for example, a signature tequila for this holiday. In efforts to make sure that theirs is the first tequila you think of, they have made their digital experience completely interactive and engaging.

Take a step through time with Jose Cuervo, anywhere from 1795 to 1880 to 2014. For each period of time, you can view their digital experience as they feel it would have been designed in those years. Within each time frame, there are different points of interactivity to find out more about their product. With the use of tile designed navigations and conversion paths, Cuervo definitely pulls in the tequila lovers with their site. Travel through time with Cuervo here.

Dos Equis

Stay thirsty, my friend: the latest from the most interesting man in the world. Possibly the most well known beer out of Mexico with the best marketing in my opinion, Dos Equis has a voice of their own. With what they call Dos de Mayo, Dos Equis urged visitors to start celebrating Cinco de Mayo three days early, with the chance to win a trip to LA to party with the most interesting man in the world at the Rolling Stone Dos de Mayo event.

Promoting the event with their tile designed, interactive digital experience, Dos Equis showcases light boxes, contests, videos, and surveys to tell more about how Dos Equis could improve and be a part of the visitor’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Even though the contest for a chance to win a trip to LA for the Dos de Mayo party has ended, check out Dos Equis’s digital experience here.

Tijuana Flats

There’s a very good chance you have heard of the previous four brands. This one, possibly not so much. This local Floridian spot (and yes, it has expanded to other states) won my vote for the absolute best digital experience for cinch de Mayo… maybe ever. Tijuana Flats is an Orlando-based Tex-Mex restaurant known for its eclectic design and challenging hot sauce bar. Tijuana Tuesdaze is a well known weekly event and anyone who is part of the Tijuana Flat’s “cult” refers to themselves as a Flathead.

While there may be a bit more American to this restaurant that there is Mexican, they sure do know how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo every year. This year, not long before celebrations, their new digital experience was revealed. This is one for the books. Head to the page and navigate by use of a arcade game. Go ahead, resize your screen. What was once an arcade machine shrinks down all the way to a Gameboy.

So yes, you could get lost in all the small hidden functions and surprises that their digital experience has, but most importantly, it’s easy to navigate and extremely interactive and engaging. This is definitely a visit with a brand that you will most likely never forget. Check it out here. And quick hint, try flipping the light switch on the right side for a nice change.

The way we experience the web is definitely changing, and interactivity and app-like experiences are definitely taking over. Interested in learning more about how you can take your static content and transform it into a Gameboy? Here’s our Marketing Apps Idea Book to get you started with some ideas of your own. Register and download for free and you’ll be making digital experiences like these in no time.

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