Content Marketing As Satisfying As Thanksgiving Dinner

The holiday season is upon us. And it’s time to gorge on the best day of the year… Thanksgiving!

Of course it’s a day to give thanks. And we here are ion sure are thankful for this past year and all of our awesome online visitors. But as we’re sure you’ve seen in the past, we pride ourselves on being foodies and, with that, love to compare content marketing to food. Because… well… what could be better?!

So while you’re getting ready to stuff your face with turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and whatever else your family loves to cook up, check out how your content marketing can be just like your Thanksgiving dinner.

Appetizers and Drinks

My family is notorious for being late. That comes with the Italian/Argentinian side of the family, I guess. We say 5pm. They show up at 8pm. We love them anyway. Either way, we’ve learned to have enough appetizers and drinks to hold everyone over until the whole family is gathered around.

Now, there are some unspoken rules to appetizers and drinks before Thanksgiving dinner. No one wants to get full off of the appetizers and unable to eat dinner. And the drinks? Well, you want to remember when the rest of the family arrives, right? So we hand out just enough to make the guests comfortable and get them craving the dinner ahead.

Appetizers and drinks are just like the early stage of your buyer’s journey. Give your audience enough to pull them in and entice them to stay around for the turkey dinner. How can you do that? Begin the dialog and seek to educate your audience. Take your content and transform it into interactive infographics, quizzes, interactive white papers, etc. to begin the journey of engagement and interactivity for your audience.


I know the turkey should be my favorite part, but the sides are definitely the ones to fulfill my happiness of Thanksgiving dinner. I mean come on! Mashed potatoes? Stuffing? Sweet potato casserole? All incredible! Sides always fill up half the plate and really start the process of a complete Thanksgiving dinner. And it’s your chance to create the plate you were craving… a little of this, a little of that.

So think of the mid funnel of the buyer’s journey as the sides. Continue the relationship and transform those general concepts into more concrete ones. Your audience should now have their pick of what they want to learn. Maybe an eBook here, a configurator there. This is all about increasing the education of the buyer. The mid funnel is the time for your audience to sit down at the table and get ready for the main course… the turkey.

The Turkey

Thanksgiving dinner just got serious! The turkey. Literally, the staple of every single Thanksgiving dinner table. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for all year and the most delicious and filling part. And of course it is! The turkey takes the most preparation and care. It’s the host’s chance to wow their guests and make it the best Thanksgiving dinner ever.

In the late stage of the buyer’s journey, it’s your chance to wow them with your content. Create a ready buyer through building an emphasis on buyer self education. Give the buyer a solution builder or configurator to prepare their expectations. Dowse your content with interactivity and engagement, just like the gravy for the turkey. Make this the most filling and useful part of the buyer’s journey to complete their experience. And just like the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner, create engaging content that no one will say no to.

Thanksgiving Dinner Bonuses

Craving dessert? Make your content sharable within every stage of the buyer’s journey. The more you provide educational, engaging experiences, the more people will want your content, regardless of how full they may be. And leftovers?! Oh you better believe the leftovers are the best part! Repurpose that content. Take that white paper and create an assessment or an interactive infographic. Take that pricing sheet and create a calculator. With interactive content, your audience will be begging for seconds… and thirds… and fourths.

MAppy Thanksgiving! (That’s a very Marketing App Thanksgiving to you all!)

Want to see more about the buyer’s journey and how marketing apps can play a big role in producing engaging content for your audience? Check out our webinar recording and slides here and see how you can create a Thanksgiving “dinner” your audience will be thankful for!

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