Content Marketing Feeling Stale? Here are 12 Ways to Amp Up Your Content Creativity

 Anna Talerico, ion interactive's EVP and co-founder
Anna Talerico, ion interactive’s EVP and co-founder

Howard Breindel, Partner of corporate branding firm DeSantis Breindel once said, “Content is the new creative.”

He said that way back in 2011. How prophetic was that?

But what’s a marketer to do when they aren’t exactly feeling it? We all hit the creativity wall once in a while, especially at the rate that we’re producing new content (according to CMI, 70% of us are creating more content than we were a year ago… hello, creative burn out!).

There’s a wealth of great advice from really smart people to help inject a bit more creativity into your content and blast through a creative slump. We rounded up some of our favorites. Hopefully, you find some inspiration here.

1) Restrict yourself.

That’s what Gregory Ciotti says in a really comprehensive article on creativity on his blog Other tips include daydream and embrace the absurd. There’s lots of other good stuff, like what NOT to do to fuel creativity and how to break through a block.  @GregoryCiotti

2) Train yourself.

“For mental skills like creativity, few people know enough about the way their minds work to be able to treat it like a skill.” Fast Company offers 3 tips to train yourself to be more creative from Art Markman. @FastCompany and @abmarkman

3) Do it now.

On Inc’s website, Larry Kim offers 9 ways to become more creative now. Like, right now. Jump on over there if you are under a deadline and see how doodling, toys and 30 circles can help you get it done. @larrykim and @inc

4) Pick through the trash?

Um, yes. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and 30 other ways to be creative. Hop on over to to learn more, including “Be wrong”. @annavitals and @FundersFounders

5) Include customers.

Don’t be afraid of what your customers want and involve them in the process. There’s a great Content Marketing Institute article that delves deeper into this tactic. @CMIContent

6) Repurpose and recycle.

Creativity doesn’t always mean starting from scratch. This is one of many tips from a recent LinkedIn post by Deanna Lazzaroni all about the secrets of creativity, including, “Repurposing can allow you to execute a great idea on a grand scale while getting a bigger return on your creative energy.” @DigitalDL

7) Let your data fuel creativity.

MarketingLand ran a great piece talking about how the two worlds of data and creative fit together.  “Data helps you map the buyer’s journey, but creative is what carries your prospects and customers through it. Data certainly can ‘pay the bills,’ but not without creative that thrills.” @WickedRB

8) Step away from your desk.

“Being in a different place can force your brain out of its routine and open up new pathways for thinking.” That’s according to author, artist and blogger, K.G. Carter. So get up from your desk. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery to spark those creative fuses!

9) Join Content and Context.

In a Forbes article by Chris Perry, he offers the advice to “Develop creative ideas that bridge content and context: Establish a creative direction that addresses community interest so well that members become recurring visitors, contributors and advocates.” @cperry248

10) Get naked.

Over on the Convince and Convert blog, Barry Feldman provides 25 unique ways to amp up your creativity, including sage tips like “Get naked”, “Get buzzed” and our favorite, “Get over yourself.” @FeldmanCreative and @convince

11) Don’t rely on gimmicks.

Do you see how we used the gimmicks tip right after the ‘naked’ tip? Ironic, no? Still on the Convince and Convert blog, Wade Harman reminds us that “having the ability to write catchy titles is not going to help you grow the responsive audience you need.” He offers 5 strategic ways to be creative and useful, and warns of having “content goggles”. @wadeharman and @convince

12) Build a creative team.

According to a recent article from Kapost, the cited a stat from AOL & Nielsen that people spend more than 50% of their time online looking at content. “People are hungry for content, and companies need creatives to generate, distribute, promote, and curate content to get potential customers interested and engaged. A creative team that’s inspired to innovate means they can help create online content that’s ‘click-worthy.” AMEN! @Kapost


What about YOU? What tips or best practices do you have to boost content creativity?? 

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