Content Marketing Independence Day

Historically, marketing has had a wide range of dependencies in order to execute their strategies and ideas. Agencies to negotiate and place media. IT to manage their customer database. Developers to code and launch the digital media.

But marketing technology brings a whole level of capability to marketers and their organization. Today, marketers have an array of choices in front of them that give them the freedom to be in the executional driver’s seat. As many as 2,000 choices and growing, in fact. That’s a whole lot of freedom!

NewsCred just released a great article on why software is becoming absolutely crucial to your content marketing strategy and they’ve got it spot on.

Our own marketing team leverages the power of a diverse set of tools like AdWords, Pardot, Salesforce, Trello, a website CMS, and many others. But of course, the platform that we love the best—the one that is nearest and dearest to our heart, while we may be biased—is the one that gives us the freedom to design, build, launch, optimize and measure interactive content. Helloooo, it’s the ion interactive content platform, of course!

As recently as a few years ago, having the freedom to manage interactive content experiences without significant dependencies on developers would have been unthinkable for marketing teams.

Creating an online quiz? No way!

Testing and optimizing it with ease? Who do you think you’re talking to?

And designing and building it all within a few weeks, if not a few days? By now, I would have definitely been laughing at your hysterical joke.

Fast forward to today. And marketers have never seen more freedom with their content experiences:

1. The ability to create. 

Create. What a fantastic word. Marketers can now easily create interactive content experiences on their own. For example, ion’s Quick Start Cloud can empower the modern marketer to create an assessment, quiz, eBook, etc. just from copying a template-style experience that’s ready to use with a few simple swaps of content and images. Creating interactive content is no longer a foreign language to your marketing team.

2. Freedom from code. 

Code? Sort of like kryptonite for all, aside from the best marketing technologists. Want to create something from scratch? Digital marketing software is becoming more and more focused on the drag and drop functionalities to put the control in the hands of the marketers. Eliminating much of the need for development or IT, marketers no longer have to rely on multiple resources to take a custom interactive content experience live.

3. Rapid deployment. 

That freedom from code brings us faster deployment. Without the need for wait time due to development and IT bottlenecks, marketers can design, build and bring interactive content experiences to life in half the time. And better yet, testing interactive content now is a breeze. Want to change the headline of that page? Or the color of that title? Or swap out that image? Not a problem.

So start creating interactive content experiences that people can’t take their eyes off of just like the 4th of July fireworks finale. And from everyone here at ion, Happy Content Independence Day!

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