Data Visualization and Journalism: Some Things Just Go Together

Visually is proud to announce that we will be hosting a Data Visualization and Journalism event in San Francisco. The event focuses around how data visualization is evolving the face of journalism, and some of the tools that are available to help keep up with that evolution.

Save the Date

The event will be held at Citizen Space, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., on September 26, 2013. 425 2nd St. #100 San Francisco, CA 94107 Best of all, registration for #DVnJ is free!

The Agenda

We’re stoked to have three great presentations from professionals in the field, all focused around how data visualization is continuing to change journalism. If you’re interested in keeping up with how some of the leaders in data visualization and journalism partner up to develop captivating and informative data visualization, and transform it into engaging storytelling, be sure to register.

  1. Telling Stories with Data: Some Ideas, Approaches, and Tools Robert Kosara is a researcher at Tableau Software, where he is exploring the use of visualization for the communication of, and storytelling with, data. He is a recovering academic (former Associate Professor) who has published on a variety of visualization topics, including basic perception, new visualization techniques, and the theory of visualization. Robert runs the popular visualization blog and is active on Twitter.

  3. Data-Driven Stories Agustin Armendariz is the senior data analyst at The Center for Investigative Reporting, hired on to help start the California Watch project. He did the mapping and analysis for the award winning On Shaky Ground series, and routinely works with reporters across the organization to help advance stories. Before joining CIR, he worked at the San Diego Union-Tribune as a database specialist on the watchdog reporting team, delving into city finances, redevelopment projects and foreclosures. Michael Corey is the senior news applications developer for The Center for Investigative Reporting and specializes in front-end Web development, interface design and online mapping. His work on the Iowa Caucuses contributed to several national awards, including an Online News Association award for Outstanding Use of Digital Technology. He was also co-leader of a regional-Emmy winning project commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Buddy Holly crash.

  5. Data Visualization, Journalism, Design: Stories of Successful Collaboration Aleks Todorova is the Editorial Director at Visually. She spent nearly a decade as a financial journalist at Dow Jones, writing for, the Wall Street Journal and others, before joining the award-winning blog at as Managing Editor. There, Aleks focused on integrating the strict research and ethics of journalism into what was back then a Wild Wild West of infographics. Today, Aleks is responsible for recruiting data journalists to the Visually Marketplace and training them in Visually’s research and sourcing infographic standards. Jess Bachman is a Creative Director at Visually and had been making infographics before infographics was a word. From the massive Death and Taxes posters to the most viral infographics on the net, he has told hundreds of stories with nothing more than a spreadsheet, photoshop, and a healthy disregard of the status quo.

    Plus, who can say no to some PB&J and beer? Come join us at #DVnJ!

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