Disruptive in the Name of Content Marketing

Game changing


Cutting edge



Guilty, guilty guilty guilty and guilty. Of using them all. Sometimes in tandem.

Hi, I’m Rachel and I have a background in technology public relations.

Having been on the PR Agency side at one time in my career, I have sat across the table from many a client, schooling me on how their technology is going to “change the course of the industry”, how “nobody is doing what they are doing”. And you know what? Sometimes, it’s actually true.  The problem is that the above laundry list of buzzwords is abused. You know, kind of like the selfie (Thanks a lot Kim Kardashian for ruining it for the rest of us). It’s used when it shouldn’t be, to puff up a press release, to get a reporter to take notice, to scare competitors.  

I have a visual in my head of a couple of buttoned up C-levels sitting at a conference taking turns sharing their excitement over their next big thing.

You guys, my company just created the most incredible (insert product name here) that is totally going to change the way you (insert function here)

OMG, me too…samesies!!!

The truth is that there is absolutely disruption when it comes to technological innovation. As we have more resources, more tech savvy workforces and better educated customers & end-users, it’s just a natural progression.  I don’t think anyone is debating that disruption exists. I think the issue is that we are saturated with claims of companies churning out disruptive tech. And before you know it, you’re wading in a pond of “disruptive claims” basically fly-fishing for the real ones until you hook one! (Disclaimer: I have NEVER been fly fishing because it freaks me out to be in water that deep that I can’t see through. Hopefully the analogy still paints a good visual).

It feels like over the last few weeks there has been a barrage of articles surfacing over disruption.  One of my favorites was from iMedia Connection, titled 9 Radical Digital Disruptions About to Change Everything.  While it relates specifically to digital marketing, the examples are diverse, showing that there’s just a lot to be conscious of as a marketer today.  It doesn’t just focus on technologies, but also highlights things like new types of audiences to cater to, advertising and more.  To see content marketing listed as a disruptor makes us want to do the jig.  Why? Because we keep hammering the importance of content to your brand, your message and your audiences.  It’s at the core of everything you do.  Regardless of what technologies you use to create, deploy, or share it – It’s a direct extension of you.  It should evoke emotion, create a connection.  So you bet it’s disruptive!

The article’s author, David Zaleski, says, “Marketers are about to have the slate wiped clean, and they need to find new ways to engage consumers.” We couldn’t agree more.

Ahem now would be a good time for a little shameless self promotion and to tell you to check out these marketing apps.  They should do the trick.  (See what I did there?)

Seriously speaking, whether it’s marketing apps or any other content conduit (but we hope it’s marketing apps), you have a responsibility as a marketer to be innovative, to do things to attract and appeal to your audience – game changing, revolutionary, cutting edge, unparalleled, DISRUPTIVE things.  So get to it!

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