Does Your Content Need To Be Interactive?

We’ve already blogged extensively about why and how interactive content solves many of the content marketing challenges you probably face today. For instance, we shared the ten things to love about interactive content. There’s way more than 10, but we like to keep things brief.

And in “Freedom From Passive Content Marketing”, we provided a quick hit of some great stats on how well interactive content works. And in one of my personal favorites, because…well, sales is everything: “How Interactive Content Helps Marketing Support Sales.”

And we aren’t the only ones on the interactive content bandwagon. B2B Community covered the top five reasons to invest in interactive content. And Venture Beat asked, “is interactive content a way to cut through the content marketing clutter?” Short answer: Yes!

Our own Chiefmartec hypothesized that interactive content can save content marketing from the dark side in a hat tip to StarWars. And we loved it when Copyblogger said interactive content might be the most exciting marketing tactic of 2015.

The list goes on and on in support of interactive content. But you may be asking yourself, “All that is well and good, but does my content really need to be interactive?” 

Maybe. Maybe not. Here’s a quick matrix I pulled together from questions used in the Demand Metric report, “Enhancing the Buyer’s Journey,” to help you assess your potential need for interactive content. It’s simple—answer the questions. More red=interactive can help. Lots of green=You are in good shape already!

I hope this quick chart helps give you a sense of some of the challenges you do face and inspires you to take action. Interactive content can help. It really is that simple!

And, because interactive content is soon much better than static content (like this blog post, and my chart above), check out interactive version of the content marketing assessment and score yourself!

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