Don’t know what to make for dinner? Let a marketing app tell you.

I’m not a cook. Bake you a cake? Cookies? Muffins? Oh sure, all day. But cooking? Not my thing. However, after dating a passionate cook and being on a team full of foodies, I figured I might as well learn. It’s never too late, right?

My problem with cooking is that I find it boring. I just can’t get into it and often find myself getting distracted (and unfortunately, burning whatever I was cooking at the time). I never have the patience to look up recipes or figure out what I’m feeling for dinner that night. If only someone could just take what I like to eat and give me simple recipes that I can be excited about..

Oh wait…

McCormick recently offered a food quiz and recipe generator in one called ‘What’s your FlavorPrint?’. And yes, it is their very own marketing app.

Mccormick grabs each visitor by signing up first to create a profile and design their own FlavorPrint. During the food quiz, McCormick simply asks for your choice of thumbs up or thumbs down on a particular ingredient. Dill? sure. Cinnamon oatmeal? Of course. Black licorice? No thank you! The choices of ingredients may seem extremely random to the visitor, but McCormick is styling a flavor profile as each thumbs up or thumbs down is chosen.

Mine? Tomatoey. Heat. Vegetable.

Alright. They got mine spot on. What about others in the office? Emily, ion’s Marketing Manager? Nutty, garlic/onion, cooling.

What about Rachel, our Communications Manager? Cheesy, heat, coffee/chocolatey.

And Jay, ion’s Product Specialist? Nutty, cheesy, vegetable. All right on.

Jay Baer, NYTimes Best Selling author, tweeted his Flavor profile as well: coffee/chocolatey, umami, tropical.

Safe to say we might have a potluck lunch in the office soon. Jay Baer’s invited!

So what now? McCormick got our names and emails. They have our FlavorPrints. How can this help us as the visitors?

Scroll down on the page to experience the full marketing app. Recipes of all kinds are listed out for you, whether it’s a thirty minute or less meal, an easy recipe, or a dessert idea. They even give you suggestions for upcoming holiday recipes. And, while providing recipes, McCormick gives you a percentage for how much you will like each one. Talk about personalization!

Brown sugar Bourbon ribs with grilled sweet potatoes for Emily. Cajun grilled steak for Rachel. Roasted garlic beef and vegetable stir fry for Jay. Baja citrus marinated shrimp and vegetable kabobs for me. Mouth watering…

They didn’t stop there! Don’t want to buy extra spices? Not sure if you have the right cooking tools? Oh don’t worry, there’s a part of the quiz for that, too.

What does this mean for McCormick, a spice and flavor company? The consumer went from buying their cinnamon off the shelf and thinking nothing more about the brand to heading to their website every time they want a new recipe.

McCormick offers the useful, engaging, interactive experience visitors are expecting now. And you bet that by the time you’re done reading this, I’m already at the store stocking up for my next experimental recipe. Let’s just hope I don’t burn anything this time.

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