Don’t Rely on Luck for Content Marketing Success

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! A day to be decked out in shamrocks, drink green beer and believe wholeheartedly in luck. The good ol’ luck of the Irish, that is.

I love the idea of luck. Something happening that is completely unpredictable and uncontrollable?! Something that completely takes the responsibility away from your own self and leaves the outcome up to chance? It’s exciting and thrilling to say the least!

But as we all know, not everything can be left up to chance. More often than not, we have to take charge and create the outcomes we want to see. And as a marketer, I know this more than ever to be true when it comes to content marketing.

Unfortunately, many people still leave their static content up to chance and hope for their luck to kick in. They wait for online visitors to download their PDF and hope that they hear good feedback about the content, truly leaving it all up to luck and never knowing the details of what is or isn’t working. What they don’t know is that they don’t have to rely on luck for content marketing success.

Interactive content gives you the ability to take charge and create the successful outcome you want. Let’s take a quick look at the 7 ways (Because after all, 7 is my lucky number!) that interactive content can take your content marketing straight to that big pot o’ gold!


1. Testing

It’s not enough to just test your headline or button color anymore. It’s time to test some different experiences for your visitors. Don’t let that overwhelm you, though! With interactive content, it’s simple to duplicate an experience and change whatever you prefer, all through an interactive content platform’s capabilities. Have a quiz? Simple. Test the amount of questions that make the most impact. Have a white paper? No problem. Try creating an assessment versus a quiz and see which performs better.

2. Personalization

Along with interactive content comes the ability to personalize a visitor’s journey every step of the way. With such things as dynamic content and show/hide, you can display a return visitor’s name and create the perfect experience depending on what device they’re using.

3. Measurement/Tagging

Measurement and tagging is one of my favorite parts of interactive content. While static content may be educational, we have no idea what the prospect got out of it. Did they even read it? If so, how much did they read? Did they just download it and push it aside? With the tagging and measurement opportunities of interactive content, you have insights to what content is really working for you and what isn’t.

4. Repurposing

As mentioned before, if you have a white paper, try turning it into both an assessment and a quiz. Allow visitors to have a benchmark to set themselves against others in their industry. Then allow them to quiz themselves on the topics they really know. Not only does this allow you to repurpose one single asset into many, but it creates engagement and share-ability within the visitor’s network.

5. Education

Your white paper may be educational, but that’s only if your prospect reads it. The moments in school I remember most as a child are the moments that I was hands on, when I could really interact with what I was learning. And interactive content is just that. As humans, we naturally learn by doing and by participating. Interactive content provides that participation and allows the visitor to dive deep into the topics they’re interested in.

6. Sales Insights

Sales has more insight than ever with interactive content. It’s no longer a blind conversation from the moment they make that call. They know what their prospect read, how much of it they interacted with, what quiz they took, what their assessment results where and what pain points they have. The sales dialogue is now picking up where the digital dialogue left off.

7. Content Across The Journey

With all this insight, testing, and personalization, interactive content gives you the ability to connect every piece of content across the buyer’s journey, allowing your visitors to move through the funnel, learning and engaging with your company, and becoming sales ready on their own.


Don’t rely on luck for your content marketing success. Count on interactive content to turn your digital experiences into gold!

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