Don’t Ride the Content Marketing Struggle Bus

The struggle is real. The content marketing struggle that is. We’ve all experienced it and we all know it far too well. Not only is it a struggle to produce the right amount of content day in and day out, but to produce the right CONTENT for the right AUDIENCE is almost overwhelming. And increasing engagement? Ugh, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!

I know ya feel me.

Every month, we bring you some of our favorite articles we’ve come across recently. Well, these two articles were eye openers—not because of the need for engaging content, but because of the amount of marketers still complacent with static content.

Let’s address the problems, first.

Number 1: B2B marketers are still failing to connect content marketing to business value. I. Can’t. Even. Too many marketers are still downplaying the importance of useful and informative content for their audience. And when they are creating content, the focus is still around the product and features, instead of helpful and interesting topics the visitors want to see.

In Bulldog Reporter’s article, B2B Marketers Are Struggling To Connect Content Marketing With Business Value, they point out some of the scary facts:

To create content that attracts and builds customer relationships throughout the customer life cycle, B2B marketers must make a fundamental shift from writing about features and benefits to delivering valuable information that drives business results.

— Steve Liguori, Business Marketing Association

A startling 72% of surveyed marketers say less than half of their marketing staff plays a primary role in content marketing today–leaving content to quickly degrade to talk of products, features, and what the company has to offer, rather than cleverly packaged bits of interesting insights buyers crave.

So on to number 2: Marketers, when creating content, are finding it a struggle to create content that engages their visitors.

Ronell Smith recently wrote about a touchy subject with, may I say it, a touchy title: 96% of B2B Marketers Suck At Content Marketing.

In it, he describes the “content struggle contingent” as:


“the group of would-be content marketing practitioners who knows they should be engaged in content marketing but remains stuck in neutral when it comes to doing something that adds value for their prospects and existing customers.”


The big issue is not that marketers aren’t able to create engaging content, but that they need to take time to understand their prospects, what information they are searching for, and where they are searching. Currently, only 4% of marketers have this mastered. They have a content marketing strategy in place, they know their audience, and they know what type of content will engage them.

So what can you do to get off that struggle bus and join the 4%?

The way to get heard and define relevance for your brand is to do content marketing better and more consistently than the competition. That process begins, however, with marketers caring enough about their customers to produce the content the latter wants, needs, and begins to actively seek.

Ronell Smith outlines in his article the three ways to overcome the content marketing struggle:

  • Highlight how services help customers become successful.

  • Include more forward-leaning insights that buyers can turn into action.

  • Build relationships beyond closing a deal.

So while B2B marketers are struggling to connect content marketing with business value, the strategy must be consumer-focused. Marketers must become storytellers, teachers, and helpers for their online visitors.

It’s time to get off that struggle bus on the next stop and start creating engaging content your audience craves.

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