How Elite SEM Increases Performance by Analyzing Behavior and Engagement

Let us introduce you to Amanda Simmons, Director of Creative and Landing Page Optimization at Elite SEM.

As a long time ion customer, we have gotten to know Amanda as a pro of creative and landing page optimization! Elite SEM and ion have worked together to make Elite SEM’s process more agile, allowing their client’s to continuously see lifts in performance. Here is Amanda’s story…

Life before ion.

Before ion, it was extremely slow to build a creative. We would develop it on our own servers, have to integrate the testing tool, pull reporting and metrics, and have to integrate those changes into development. It was a constant process.

Life after ion.

Since ion, everything is on the cloud and very easy to access. No matter where I am, I can look in on campaigns.


It has drastically improved our agility. We are still able to use our custom creative but integrate it into the platform and have our testing tool, creative, and reporting and metrics all in the same place.


Because we are able to “templatize” those custom creatives, we’re able to drastically improve our speed to market, iteration, and versatility. We can really, really not say enough about how much it has improved our process of testing.


Our performance! Our clients see lift upwards of 30% at times. The most important thing is that we are able to see the lift and when we don’t, we are able to analyze, understand behavior and engagement, what might be happening, come up with a new hypothesis, and then retest.

ion loves Elite SEM.

Another thing to note about ion is the team. They help us and we are so thankful for our partnership with ion. They have extremely knowledgable and helpful people on staff and they’re just really a joy to work with.

Recognized by the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing Search Engine Marketing agencies in the country, Elite SEM a team of industry experts that specialize in online marketing for their clients. Elite SEM specializes in helping their customers navigate the ever-changing landscape of marketing on the web. They develop and execute on strategic plans for their clients that will reach the right audience to generate qualified leads at a cost-effective rate.

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