Freedom From Passive Content Marketing

America: The home of the free, the brave, and the problem of content overload. We’re overwhelmed every day. Immersed in a deep digitally-focused culture, our heads are always down looking at our smartphones or tablets reading about what the next big thing is. Well, we’ve got the answer for you. So after you’re done reading this, put that phone down, pick your head up and enjoy the fireworks.

Interactive content. Engaging, useful, educational content. It’s like content overload is the massive alien ship in the movie Independence Day and interactive content is Will Smith as Captain Steven Hiller ready to take it down.

Recently, Demand Metric released their June 2014 benchmark report geared towards enhancing the buyer’s journey. This report is packed filled with some of the best information since the beginning of the year. Like mini fireworks shooting  knowledge from every page. But the big finale comes with one eye-opening chart:

Ok hold on one second. Just take all of that in. When I first read this, I had to take a double, wait… maybe triple, look. Am I reading this right?!

Oh you bet your content marketing you are! Listen, Imma break it down for you like Easy-E tells me too.

A quarter of all people that were surveyed with passive content said that their content quality is poor, compared to 3% of people with interactive content. That’s more than eight times the amount. EIGHT TIMES! Mind blowing.

Well, the whole point of content marketing is to generate interest, to engage, to educate. That’s our goal as content marketers right? And if we’re not doing that, what are we here for? Take a look at that last problem: Content is not generating much interest or getting much attention. Passive content: 37% of those surveyed. Interactive content: 8%.

What you can takeaway from the chart above is this—Interactive content: four. Passive content: ZERO. Interactive content takes the cake without a doubt.

Take that, content overload alien ship. No longer are you casting a shadow over the White House that is our useful content. Independence from passive content marketing is here to stay. So celebrate your freedom this holiday with a few sparklers, some cold beers, a BBQ, and an interactive digital experience that is sure to spark off a fireworks finale your visitors will never forget.

Interested in seeing more about Demand Metric’s report? Feel free to watch the presentation, with our very own Scott Brinker, below:

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