Grilling Up Interactive Content for Football Season

In South Florida, you either love or you hate August and September. You hate it because it’s 98 degrees every day but feels like 115 with humidity. Or you love it…


I wait for this beautiful, exciting season every year. To me (and probably most Floridians since we don’t actually have seasons), my year consists of football season, basketball season, and that dreaded hot summer season with a little baseball thrown in.

Ok, ok so before I get too excited, I know it’s just preseason until September. But regardless, it has started. The days of researching players and fantasy drafts and beers and grilling and outside stadiums have begun. Let the real Sunday Fundays commence.

This all hit me last week. I was on Pinterest (yes because while I’m a sports fanatic, I still am a girl) when, lo and behold, I come across the Jacksonville Jaguars Pinterest page. Of course, I was as giddy as could be. This meant it was time for me to plan for some incredible game days.

Let’s take a step back for a second. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you know I’m a Jaguars fan. And before you start laughing, we’ve got some of the best fans around, even through our 2-14 record 2012 season. So just bear with me through this post. I will most definitely be referring to the Jags throughout.

Ok so back to Pinterest. When I saw that the Jags had not only a full page, but thirty different Pinterest boards, I was blown away. I’ve seen a football following on Facebook and Twitter. The NFL is everywhere. But Pinterest? The female-dominated social crafty site? You better believe it.

So what doe’s that mean for the NFL? It means they’ve got their social and content marketing game on point.

We’ve been talking tons lately about how you can make your content more interactive and, most importantly, most useful. While the unveiling of the new scoreboards—the world’s largest, may I add—at EverBank Field is exciting, I only want to read about it so many times. What I do want to read about is new, easy grilling recipes or how to build DIY games for tailgating… anything to help me make each Sunday the absolute best day of the week.

So while I’m sure there are other teams that have some killer content marketing going on, I’m going to be bias and say the Jags definitely did it best. Tailgating tips? Check. Every day teal and gold outfits? Check. Father’s and Mother’s Day gift ideas? Check. Baby on the way and want to start them early? They’ve got a section for that too. Anything you could want teal, gold, and black is right there in front of you.

While Pinterest isn’t the only way they’re getting their content out there, the Jags and the NFL as a whole have always made their marketing about the fans. And why else do you think it’s the biggest following in sports in the U.S.? The NFL never stops innovating and never stops building stories that identify with their audience. From videos to make their fans laugh and realize that their superstitions are just as crazy (Think Budweiser’s “It’s Only Weird If It Doesn’t Work” campaign) to blogs and online games supporting their fan camps and charity partnerships, the NFL has led their marketing by way of the fans.

The NFL definitely knows how to market to their fans. But, hey, everyone can always improve! Just like we’ve been seeing with quite a lot of other industries lately, we thought the NFL could bring more interactivity into their mix (hint, hint, NFL, hit ion up! Also, feel free to send some Dolphins or Jags season tickets over). So while the NFL is pushing out helpful content to their fans, we thought we could be of some assistance in ideas to help the NFL. Check ‘em out:

  • We know everyone loves to vote for their favorite teams and players. Throw in a quiz with that as well. Online visitors can vote for their favorite team or player then compete to get the highest score in a quiz about them. Hey, you could even throw in some prizes for most voted team or player and the highest score of the people that voted. Not only would it be engaging and fun, but informative about the players as well.

  • Assessments are a great way to see how you’re doing. This would be perfect for Fantasy Football. Assess the visitor’s knowledge and team to see how they’re doing and how they can improve. Give advice on what players they could trade or what positions they may need to fill.

  • For the fun of it all, throw in another little quiz to have the visitor find out which player they are most alike outside of the football field. I’ve kind of always wondered what player I’d be best friends with (I’m betting on MJD.. even though he left us… for the Raiders. Seriously?).

  • And most useful, we know hydration is a major concern in the world of football. Utilizing a calculator to estimate how often you should hydrate by position or amount of time on the field would be extremely helpful to players. Even add in some questions to answer or recommendations at the end for what benefits each type of sports drink may have.

Take a page from the NFL marketing playbook and some of these ideas. Don’t leave it up to luck or superstitions. Throw out those overused plays—or white papers—that everyone finds their way around anyway. Create those plays that no one has ever done before; the plays that will get to the SportsCenter Top 10. Keep your audience on their toes and watching, and show them how you can crush your opponents and score that winning touchdown with helpful and engaging content.

Now, while you’re over there creating some awesome interactive and useful content, I’ll be over here dying a chunk of my hair teal. You know what they say… it’s only weird if it doesn’t work. Go Jags!

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