Highlights from 2017—An Asset Refresh and Innovating Content Marketers

A lot happened in the world of content marketing over the last year. We saw an increase in interactive content usage by both large and small organizations, it is now more likely that a business is doing some form of content marketing than not, and we saw a lot of new and exciting content pieces being created.

What a year it has been! We have been sharing some of our highlights over the last year; some that changed the way we create content and some that really helped us and our customers grow. It’s time to highlight the number 12 & 13 spots of our Top 17 of 2017. Speaking of customers… let’s talk about the innovators!

Content Marketing Innovators Are Upping the Ante

With so much content being created every day by every type of business imaginable, it can sometimes feel that there is no way to stand out amongst all of the noise. But, we have met some innovative content marketers who are aiming to create content that is different.

In the fall of this year, we created the Content Marketing Innovators eBook that featured the stories of five marketers who are using interactive content to stand out among the crowd. You can review the ebook and learn more about their stories here.

An Updated Asset Continues to Engage

Marketers love stats. A stat can tell a story, support a hypothesis, confirm a theory, and engage a prospect. We created an infographic quite a few years ago that included 75 stats that we thought were groundbreaking, industry shaking, valuable stats. And you know what we found out? Our audience agreed.

The 75 Essential Content Marketing Stats infographic was shared consistently on social, both by our customers and other marketers. We enjoyed the success of that experience for years before jumping in and deciding earlier this year that it was time for a revamp.

The new and improved 75 Stat infographic went live over the summer. It included more interactive elements such as reveal and animation and it was well received by our audience!

Review the updated version of the 75 Stat experience here.

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