Hot Picks for Content Marketers from the Marketo Summit Agenda

Every year the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit brings thousands of professionals together to connect with ideas, marketers and resources to help you achieve success faster, though if you’ve taken a look at the session line-up, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. As a content marketer, you’ll naturally want to hit all the sessions related to your field, but don’t get locked in. Stay above the fold by attending sessions outside your wheelhouse that you could benefit from. Here are 10 sessions from Marketo’s National Summit — taking place in San Francisco, April 13-15, 2015 — that you will not want to miss.

The 3 Stages of Content Marketing

Every content strategy should have a full timeline that includes a beginning, middle and end. Marketo has invited three of their content marketing partners to give their take on best practices and use cases across all three phases. From the beginning with content ideation, to the middle stage of experience and engagement, to the final phases of reporting, this session will show you how best to do content marketing. Speakers: JD Peterson (Scripted), Seth Lieberman (SnapApp), Yoav Schwartz (Uberflip)

The Secret Sauce in Your Content Barbecue

Given the over-saturation of content, what you need is better content — not more. The question is, what does “better” mean and how can your content draw the right kind of people? In this session, Ann Handley will shed some light on ways you can develop your own tone of voice that will attract customers to your posts and create content that will make others love you. Speaker: Ann Handley (Marketing Profs)

Engaging Users Through Targeted Marketing Over a Long Purchase Lifecycle

Long purchase cycles can be a challenge when trying to keep consumers engaged with a brand. This session will go into how James Hardie Building Products leverages Marketo to take a targeted approach to reaching consumers with relevant content, increasing engagement more than 70 percent and increasing marketing campaigns by 500 percent while maintaining the same marketing staff. Speakers: Bridget Kulla (James Hardie Building Products)

Personalized Dynamic Emails That Rock!

Automating key parts of the email process is great for efficiency and measurability, but you still want to keep your emails as personal as possible. This session will dive into the ways in which you can set up personalized and relevant emails that will double your customer engagement. Content marketers will love learning about the algorithms and tools uses to pick the best content for each customer. Speakers: Julia Linker ( & Wold Rendall (

Flawlessly Executing a Content Marketing Operation

Five9 and Kapost recently teamed up to complete their first content marketing pillar campaign. This session will go into the success of Five9’s eBook, which drove four times as many leads and three times as many closed deals, to showcase how the development of a content operation that centers on delivering value through content can bring about notable business results. Speakers: Jesse Noyes (Kapost), Pat Oldenburg (Five 9)

The Future Content Marketing Team: How Marketo Has Built A Next Generation Content Organization

Content has proved to be a crucial piece to the marketing puzzle. Instead of fighting for its place at the table, content marketers are now faced with a high volume of requests and a lack of process to handle them effectively. This session will walk you Marketo’s solution to this challenge. By building a content strategy bureau, Marketo will teach you how to evaluate, organize and optimize your resources. Speakers: Dayna Rothman (Marketo), Ellen Gomes (Marketo)

The Holy Grail of Account Based Nurturing

Targeting and nurturing the right individuals is crucial to every marketer. One must go beyond the basic behavior and segment your content based on your customer and what kind of account they are. In this session you’ll learn how to create and optimize your Marketo lists, nurture leads based on their stage in the buying cycle and ways to converts leads into opportunities. Speakers: Debbie Margulies (LeanData), Shonal Narayan (Hylite Marketing)

The Customer-First Imperative: Success in an Omni-Channel World

Today, consumers are interacting with companies seamlessly through online, mobile and in-store channels. They are consistently researching and providing feedback about products and services using a variety of content types across devices. Given that consumers expect a consistent experience that is informative and entertaining, this session will cover how companies are meeting these demands by adopting “customer-first” strategies. Speaker: Emily Reagan (Bazaarvoice)

Now That’s Growth: How We Used Marketo to Grow Activist Recruiting 10X

The Heritage Foundation is a non-profit advocacy group whose goal is to take people from email subscribers or website visitors and turn them into committed activists. This session will detail the ways in which their Marketo program, Munchkin Code, and a new approach to content delivered immediate and sustained growth. For both non-profit marketers and consumer marketers alike, many could learn from the story of how The Heritage Foundation accomplished the 10X growth. Speaker: Nathanael Yellis (The Heritage Foundation) Click here for the full session list. Don’t forget to come visit Visually at booth 223! There’ll be a special something waiting for those who pre-register here.

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