How To: Effortlessly Exchange Value in Digital Experiences

Waiting in line to checkout at the grocery store while your cashier’s register runs out of receipt paper.

Sitting on hold with a billing issue being transferred around while everyone passes the buck and nobody has an answer.

Waiting for the elusive cable man who conveniently shows up 5 minutes before the end of the 7 hour window you were given.

Hassles. Every single one of them. Hassels that make you feel like you are in H E Double Hockey Sticks!

“Oh I just LOVE a good hassle! Nothing better than my whole day being tanked because of a major hassle!” said noone ever!

So if YOU don’t like hassle, why in the world would you provide any for your audience?  So, as part of our Digital Differentiation Series, this blog is all about how to create the opportunity for effortless exchange of value.  I mean, how awesome does that sound???

And it’s entirely doable. You just have to do one thing…Provide and gather insights.  Let’s debunk a huge digital marketing myth right now.

True or False: In order to get oodles of behavioral data from your website visitors, you must make them fill out forms. Registration forms, subscription forms. Forms for days.

If you said False, congratulations and reach around to give yourself a pat on the back (maybe stretch first so you don’t pull anything, because nobody needs that…that’s a hassle (wink wink)

If you said True, it’s ok. We could totally see why you would think that.  On the surface it makes sense.  But the good news is, you simply do not have to overwhelm your visitors with crazy forms in order to cull valuable data.  


Well, check this out.  Interactive marketing assessments can allow you to make the registration process optional, while (wait for it, wait for it) STILL collecting behavioral data from your visitors. BOOM!

It’s tried and true and we can show you even more great examples like this.

Hassle-free, gorgeous, marketing app examples that scream effortless!  Come take a peek 🙂

Searching for behavioral data and hoping to score qualified leads? Marketing apps can solve both, giving you the answers you need to attract the visitors you want. Need some inspiration? Register now and explore the free interactive guide, Improving Lead Generation Engagement and Conversion, to see how usefulness and interactivity can increase your lead generation and behavioral data results.

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